If you attended TEDxMileHigh Uncommon June 16, 2018 you probably walked away feeling inspired and intrigued by the ideas our speakers shared.

While we wait for their Talks to be released, we want to continue sharing some of that inspiration with a selection of quotes from the Talks you heard!

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“You might call this social entrepreneurship. I call it social service arbitrage. Exploiting inefficiencies in our healthcare system to serve the poor.”

P.J. Parmar

“Playgrounds are microcosms of the world. But adult life looks nothing like the modern playground – predictable, fixed, unchanging. Real life is messy.”

Sarah Konradi

Sarah Konradi Headshot

“Black people, we do miracles

We walk on water, held up by the sea of beautiful black bodies that came before us

We raise the dead because living within us is the strength and resilience of our ancestors.”



“Only a safe school climate has a chance of stopping shootings.”

Bill Woodward

William Woodard Headshot

“If we want humankind to survive, we urgently have to increase compassion and understanding.”

– Romain Sepehr Vakilitabar

“Dead drug users don’t have the opportunity for recovery. What we need is a solution that will just keep people alive today.”

– Lisa Raville

Duane Topping Headshot

“There’s a cliché we’ve all heard — be true to yourself.  But, when you’re traumatized with any other kind of demon – abuse, assault, addiction – your true self is the last person you want to be.”

– Duane Topping

“Numerous historians have claimed that in terms of race, sports have been the great equalizer in this country, but that’s not entirely accurate.”

– Pat Ferrucci

“Technology can help us connect and inspire, it can amplify our humanity — but only if we design it that way.”


– Jed Brudabaker

“50% to 80% of people in the criminal justice system have a Traumatic Brain Injury—in the general public, in this room, that number is less than 5%.”

– Dr. Kim Gorgens

Kim Gorgens Headshot
Gerardo Lopez Headshot

“We all know it’s important to get kids out of gangs, but we forget that they aren’t set up for success once they leave.”

– Gerardo Lopez

“What would happen to our communities, our businesses, our governments if we can’t trust what we read, hear or see?”

– Aviv Ovadya

Aviv Ovadya Headshot
Jake Weidmann Headshot

“As art is made to last and made to serve, it is as much a gift from our forefathers as it is on loan to us from our children.”

– Jake Weidmann

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