Between the Buell Lobby, the Galleria, and Sculpture Park, there will be plenty of exhibits to explore and much to experience! You can find more information about the featured exhibits and experiences below, and if you haven’t gotten your Uncommon ticket yet, if not now, then when?!

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Ideas come to life directly through the people who attend our conferences. Don't miss an opportunity to connect with a brilliant crowd at TEDxMileHigh: Reset on Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018. Tickets will be at their lowest during Pre-sale.


Pop-Up Adventures with TEDxMileHigh

Exhibits include: Wild I-70 Audio Tour, Group Muse, Live Art, Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch, The Guest House, and Adventures @ TEDxMileHigh

Would you like a way to get involved with TEDxMileHigh on a smaller, more intimate scale? Adventures at TEDxMileHigh are expeditions meant to challenge conventional thinking and help you deepen connections in the TEDxMileHigh community. The adventures included in this exhibit are an audio tour of wildlife conservation issues along the I-70 corridor, 3D mural paintings, and a “Choose Your Own Adventure” activity. We’ll also be featuring Group Muse, a social network connecting classical musicians and local audiences through chamber music house parties in your home and neighborhood. If this doesn’t get you in the TEDxMileHigh frame of mind, we’re not sure what will!

"Legacy" — by Jake Weidmann

Art & Design Exhibits

Exhibits include: Topping Designs, Jake Weidmann

Do you love art, inspiration, and TEDxMileHigh speakers? Two time MileHigh speaker, and master penman, Jake Weidmann will be making his artwork available for a walk-through-gallery as a special for Uncommon attendees! Duane Topping of Topping Designs will also be hosting a roaming exhibit that will tell powerful stories that represent changing labels and confronting demons of trauma. These exhibits are an invitation to engage with your identity and explore your legacy!

Tech Exhibits

Exhibits include: Black Swift Technologies, Crypto Experience

Black Swift Technologies provides unmanned aircraft solutions for difficult missions; everything from sampling tornadic supercells, hurricanes and the emissions of volcanoes to glacial ice surveys. Their exhibit will feature the S2 UAS as well as their state of the art flight management system and user interface. The Crypto Experience is presented by SALT. They will provide personal tutorials on how to set up a cryptocurrency wallet, allowing attendees to trade cryptocurrency with each other and donate the cryptocurrency they received to a list of amazing non-profits!

Mango House Scouts, founded by speaker P.J Parmar, is an organization that offers services to resettled refugees. This is a unique and uncommon opportunity to sit down and get to know these refugees and their stories. Mango House Scouts will be hosting campfire chats with campfire snacks in the Sculpture Park!

Other Featured Exhibits include Denver Urban Scholars, Good Citizen Network, and Harm Reduction Action Center

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of Denver youth? Denver Urban Scholars is a mentoring program that allows you to do just that! They will have current mentors and mentees present to share testimonials about their experience with the program.

Good Citizen Network is a social network platform, using its own blockchain technology, that works to promote good deeds among citizens and to share volunteer opportunities with the general public so that individuals can participate in service. The Savvy Technology Solutions LLC’s unique blockchain technology brings transparency to social entrepreneurship, by applying this technology for positive social impact.

Speaker, Lisa Raville is the Executive Director of the Harm Reduction Action Center, a public health agency that works with people who inject drugs. This exhibit will be a supervised consumption site with interactive opportunities to learn more about harm reduction.

Grab a couple friends who love adventure, art, technology, or the outdoors and treat them and yourself to a day filled with uncommon wonder! TEDxMileHigh Uncommon will be an event for the books!