In a world of instant gratification, don't forget your legacy

Jake Weidmann is a self-taught artist and certified Master Penman. The youngest in history among twelve Masters today, Jake received his certificate from the International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH) in 2011. He uses traditional calligraphic flourishing and hand lettering across many different artistic mediums. Jake draws inspiration from the Colorado outdoors and is a self-prescribed closet-bodybuilder. His growing family is his greatest joy and most delightful pursuit.

What sparks your curiosity?

Process. The process of pretty much anything sparks and drives my curiosity. In ‘process’ you learn where something started, how it was made, what struggles were met along the way and the breakthroughs that led to the end result. By knowing the process you not only gain deeper insight into the creation but the creator as well.

What is the most uncommon experience, practice, belief, viewpoint, or habit that you have, and how has that shaped you as a person?

I pursue uncommon disciplines, through uncommon means, with uncommon vigor. I am drawn to old and ancient artforms for their rarity, romance, and legacy; Because of the scarcity of these art forms and their techniques, I have had to become a self-taught learner which has largely shaped my career as an artist. If it were not for my insatiable appetite to learn evermore this would seem, as it truly is, an arduous process. However, passion drives my discipline and turns work into joy.

Hobbies / Passions / Fun Facts

I am a relatively new father and my growing family is my greatest joy and most delightful pursuit. I also love to be in beautiful Colorado outdoors and draw inspiration from it’s dramatically sculpted landscape. I love to workout and am somewhat of a closet-bodybuilder. Amidst the sweat and the steel, I have found a place of solace where ideas along with muscles are cultivated.

Sir Ken Robinson’s presentations on education and creativity will probably always be favorites of mine. While I have seen dozens of TED talks since that was profound and inspiring, the power of his message and dynamism of his delivery captured my attention in a moment and changed my perspective forever.

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Why write? Penmanship for the 21st Century

What is the future of writing in the digital age, and why does it matter? In this surprising talk, Master Penman Jake Weidmann explores the connections between the pen and how we learn, think, and carry our cultural heritage at a time when the very act of writing is being dropped from school curricula across the country.