Fake news is about to get much worse. Here's a solution.

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Aviv Ovadya is Chief Technologist at the Center for Social Media Responsibility. By mitigating the indirect harms of social media and related technologies, he works to ensure that our online information ecosystem has a positive impact on society. He co-instigated Credibility Coalition standards work, consults for a prominent fact-checking organization, and was a Knight News Innovation Fellow. His work in software engineering, product design, and research spans Amazon, Morgan Stanley, Quora, and Google. Aviv is the proud co-author of the broccoli emoji.

When she was young loved fairy tales. Unfortunately, they all reflected western cultures and imperial ideologies. As she became an adult her goal was to write books about strong women that reflected more closely her own cultural perspective. Her courage to break literary “norms” was very inspiring. At that time, I myself was an aspiring author.