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Imagine it’s a Saturday on November 11. You find yourself in Denver. The weather is curious, comforting yet chilly. You and your friends are ready to do something novel and stimulating to forget the work week behind you and kick-off a fresh week. What do you and your squad do that is entertaining, unique, and affordable in town while, of course, injecting envy into your coworkers that your weekend was more amazing than their weekend? What comes to mind? A museum exhibit? A cool bar? A new Sci-fi movie about space exploration? Been there, done that. Take a chance and explore what it means to be curious and wonder at TEDxMileHigh: Wonder.

One of the most effective ways to build stronger bonds is to experience something new—and what better way than with your crew? So try to visualize a group of 10 people (no pressure). Maybe you’re a bundle of tech-savvy creative millennials, or a pack of peers voracious for inspiration, or even a trove of out-of-town visitors curious about Denver’s culture. When you find that group of 10 friends, family members, and even classmates and colleagues, you can get 10% off tickets for the events all week! With topics that are relevant, fascinating, and captivating, you bet you can find something entertaining, something unique, and something valuable worth your time. Whoever you all are, we’ll have something wonderful for everyone in your pack. The best part? You can even meet the speakers themselves—directly. How’s that for a real connection?

In addition to the day of the talks, you can even attend adult field trips throughout the week. Otherwise known as Adventures, you can join us in hiking with geologists, celebrating women in the art community, and even blind dining. So, round up the gang and come spend a beautiful, autumnal Saturday with us while we stretch your imagination, blow your mind, spark an idea, and create thought-provoking conversations. There’s an After Party at the end where you can share all your thoughts over drinks with the speakers, the producing team, and of course, your friends.

This is a rare experience — so don’t miss out. Seriously, we only hold these twice a year. You and your crew will not regret it! Check out the prices below, read up on the speaker lineup, and find out more about the conference week here.


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