When anticipating a TEDxMileHigh event, the talks, of course, come to mind. It is a truly unique experience to hear 17 presenters speak passionately about scientific discoveries, innovative technology and design, and relevant social issues – all in one day.

VR at TEDxMileHigh

The biggest surprise for me at my first event, Point of Departure, however, was all of the amazing exhibits & experiences outside of the stage. The inspiration I absorbed from TEDxMileHigh began long before entering the doors to the theatre. The lobby was filled with people scurrying about, leading me to wonder just where everyone was going to and from. Then, I realized the reason behind all the energy: to my left, I saw a self-driving car inundated with curious attendees, and to my right was an interactive art exhibit that moved upon touch.

Like a kid in a candy store, I continued walking with my eyes wide and my jaw open.  Just ahead was a Selfie Booth with one of the TEDxMileHigh speakers teaching people about the importance of technology in modern life. Next to the booth was an interactive virtual reality exhibit where people wore massive goggle-like headsets and elegantly touched the air around them., I then walked up to a chalkboard with big letters that read, “Before I Die…”  where people had written the dreams they wish to fulfill before they die like, ‘Climb Mount Everest, start a business, travel the world, learn another language, and save humanity.’ Beyond that was a Speed Networking experience at which attendees were rapidly changing positions with each other, sharing stories and business cards.

My expectations were wildly surpassed from just seeing TEDx Talks to having a completely immersive experience. The exhibits area gave 

TEDxMileHigh Exhibits

me a chance to engage with amazing individuals and organizations in Denver. I could walk from exhibit-to-exhibit listening to fascinating exhibitors talk about past research, new inventions, and upcoming initiatives. I could ask questions and learn how to get more involved. When it was time to enter the theatre, I had already been blown away by the connections I had made, the stories I had heard, and the inspiration I had consumed.

The exhibits and experience lounge is, without doubt, a highlight of TEDxMileHigh events, and I can’t wait to see this amazing line-up of exhibits and experiences that will be at TEDxMileHigh: Wonder on November 11th.

Small Planet E-Bikes

Small Planet eBikes was founded in 2009 with the vision and goal to help save the world from fossil fuel pollution and automobile gridlock. Electric bikes are not only fun and healthy, they are real transportation. At TEDxMileHigh Small Planet will be showing off some of the newest developments in E-Bike technology and design, as well as offering limited test rides (weather permitting).

Denver Museum of Nature and Science –  Genetics of Taste Lab

Denver Museum of Nature and Science will fill your taste buds with a true sense of wonder through live interactive experiments in taste. Brought to us by past TEDxMileHigh speaker Nicole Garneau.

Apply to the Experience Board Today!

Optera Group

The Optera Group specializes in “Making the Complex Simple”, particularly in the areas of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology. Active designers seek to take difficult concepts and problems and develop solutions for business and consumers using the latest technology available. At TEDxMileHigh, expect a truly interactive experience and dive into their newest developments.

Speed networking at TEDxMileHigh

Speed Networking

Looking to make new connections? Meet a co-founder? Have a great conversation? Join us on site during the breaks for curated speed networking. Picture classic speed dating mashed up with thousands of Denver’s brightest thinkers and doers. Our moderators will guide you through quick 2 minute conversations, an opportunity to exchange contact information, and then on to the next conversation, all in a light-hearted environment!

TEDxMileHigh Bookstore

Take our speaker’s big ideas home with you! Through a fantastic partnership with the Boulder Bookstore, we are able to bring you all of the most recent publications from our current and past speakers, as well as plenty of additional works from the TED reading list and more! We are also thrilled to be hosting a few of our current speakers after their talks for signings and quick conversations.

Great-West Photo Booth

Great West is proud to be supporting TEDxMileHigh not only with a bevy of fantastic volunteers to help make our event a huge success but also by providing a fun interactive Photo Booth. Capture unique memories forever and enjoy the fun interactive pieces we have planned! Check our Facebook page to snag and tag your pictures!

HealthONE Experiences

HealthONE is thrilled to be back at our largest event, and present an immersive Virtual Reality experience, the HealthONE Nursing Mother’s Room, a massive version of the children’s classic game, Operation, and much more!

Experience Galvanize

Galvanize is teaming up with TEDxMileHigh to bring you a true Galvanize experience highlighted by capstone projects from some of their most talented students. Galvanize will also be offering space to pull our your laptop and record your notes, charge your cell phone, and hop on some super speedy wifi. Experience what is like to work at a Galvanize campus here in Denver!

RevGen Partners

RevGen Partners is bringing the best in technology to distill what a TEDx talk really means down to a few simple words. We don’t want to give too much away about this one but, suffice to say, you will see a TEDx talk in a whole new way, and even be able to contribute to spreading the word about what we are up to at TEDxMileHigh Wonder.