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Settle Down, Pay Attention, Say Thank You
Kristen Race
What to expect from libraries in the 21st century
Pam Sandlian Smith
On integrating intense personal and professional lives to thrive
Teresa Taylor
How cooperative businesses can answer tough business challenges
Julia Hutchins
Taking on Obesity
Holly Wyatt
Using science to see what no one has seen before
Sara Volz
How social networks drive creativity
Katherine Giuffre
Music from the flooded community of Lyons
Colorado: The Watergirls
Connecting Culture, Clothes, and Community
Bara'h Odeh
Words spoken from the heart and mind
Ashlynn Damers
3D Printing in Animatronics
Easton LaChappelle
Why Pop Culture?
Alexandre O. Philippe
Two-wheeled revolution
Shannon Galpin
Adam Brock
Adam Brock
Computer Imaging
Dan Connors
The River of Health
Jandel Allen-Davis
Why Citizen Engagement
Roxane White
Redefining “unemployable”
Tamra Ryan
Futurism and Hip-Hop
Molina Speaks
Freezing Grocery Store Energy Use
Russell Muren
Wearable Tech Expands Human Potential
Lauren Constantini
Performance | Monster Music Fortitude
Ian Cooke
Applying biometrics to make guns safer
Kai Kloepfer
Through connection to rural and urban spaces we can overcome sprawl
Brad Buchanan