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What I learned from parents who don’t vaccinate their kids
Jennifer Reich
Fish sex — it’s weirder than you think
Marah J. Hardt
I spent 18 years plotting a murder. Here’s why I chose forgiveness.
Marcus Doe
How to build a better spacesuit for a human mission to Mars
Allison Anderson
What do tech companies know about your children?
Veronica Barassi
“El Mocochete” / “¡Que Viva Revolución!”
Los Mocochetes
“The Constellation Zacharias”
Jovan Mays
What if white people led the charge to end racism?
Nita Mosby Tyler
Plants, the microbiome, and mental health
Christopher A. Lowry
Why corporate diversity programs fail & what to do instead
Joan C. Williams
What if 911 dispatched mental health responders?
Leslie Herod
A powerful, nonpartisan solution to fix U.S. Politics
Katherine M. Gehl
What do you want your life to smell like?
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
A new way to think about American citizenship
Ming Hsu Chen
“Villain” / “Love Should Be”
Kayla Marque
“El Jardín”
Alejandro Jimenez
Woman: An Ode to the Feminine
Theo E. J. Wilson
Ripple Effect
Libby Birky
How ArtScience Can Save the World
Todd Siler
What Others Think Does Matter
Cesar Gonzalez
The Irrationality of Politics
Michael Huemer
Allen Lim
The Power of Voice
Shannon Galpin
Samantha Lobato