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Fish sex — it’s weirder than you think
Marah J. Hardt
“The Constellation Zacharias”
Jovan Mays
What if white people led the charge to end racism?
Nita Mosby Tyler
Plants, the microbiome, and mental health
Christopher A. Lowry
Why corporate diversity programs fail & what to do instead
Joan C. Williams
What if 911 dispatched mental health responders?
Leslie Herod
A powerful, nonpartisan solution to fix U.S. Politics
Katherine M. Gehl
What do you want your life to smell like?
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
A new way to think about American citizenship
Ming Hsu Chen
“Villain” / “Love Should Be”
Kayla Marque
Voting doesn’t need to be so hard. Let’s redesign it
Amber McReynolds
“Requiem For Alonzo: The Human Toll of Police Brutality”
Theo E.J. Wilson
What COVID-19 can teach us about resilience
Sarah Tuneberg
How to stop the next pandemic before it begins
George Wittemyer
Aliens & archaeology: why do we get history wrong on purpose?
Sarah Kurnick
“Self Reflection”
Vio the Violinist
Dominique Christina
When the world is burning, is art a waste of time?
R. Alan Brooks
Let’s archive everything on Earth – before it’s too late
Chris Fisher
Why Write? Penmanship for the 21st century
Jake Weidmann
“We Will Run” / “Faces and Colors”
Ivory Circle
Bhangra dance with a modern twist
Colorado Bhangra Team
Can we trust artificial intelligence to make decisions for us?
Bradley Hayes
We know how to save lives in disasters – why don’t we?
Sarah Tuneberg

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