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“We Will Run” / “Faces and Colors”
Ivory Circle
Bhangra dance with a modern twist
Colorado Bhangra Team
Can we trust artificial intelligence to make decisions for us?
Bradley Hayes
We know how to save lives in disasters – why don’t we?
Sarah Tuneberg
Adopting a child of a different race? Let’s talk
Susan Devan Harness
When local news dies, so does our democracy
Chuck Plunkett
How families will transform our broken school system
Veronica Crespin-Palmer
How “policing for profit” threatens your rights
Dick M. Carpenter II
We’re all a little bit sexist. Now what?
Jamie Newton
Black male privilege in the #metoo era
Theo E.J. Wilson
How restorative justice could end mass incarceration
Shannon Sliva
How sharks inspired a new generation of medical devices
Ethan Mann
Tiger penis & rhino horn: the world of illegal wildlife trade
Annecoos Wiersema
Talk like a brand: the art of counterfeit design
Danny Rankin
Mass shooters want to be famous — you’re helping them
Tom Teves
One simple trick to overcome your biggest fear
Ruth Soukup
Immigration prison isn’t the answer — here’s why
César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández
“You are not the father” / “Mi Abuelita”
Jose "Jozer" Guerrero
What I learned from parents who don’t vaccinate their kids
Jennifer Reich
I spent 18 years plotting a murder. Here’s why I chose forgiveness.
Marcus Doe
How to build a better spacesuit for a human mission to Mars
Allison Anderson
What do tech companies know about your children?
Veronica Barassi
“El Mocochete” / “¡Que Viva Revolución!”
Los Mocochetes
Can technology make us more empathetic?
Romain Sepehr Vakilitabar

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