Join our Experience Board

TEDxMileHigh is looking for a few exceptional creative individuals to join our volunteer Experience Board. The Experience Board works year-round with our Event Manager to design and curate the exhibits, experiences, and networking opportunities that take place at our main events.


The Experience Board is a volunteer group that assists our Event Manager in curating and designing our experiences and exhibits at our main events. These range from speed networking and interactive social experiences to bringing in innovative and intriguing organizations from our community to showcase new technology, ideas, and concepts. Each exhibit and experience is a custom design for that event and is designed to give our attendees a new and unique experience

The Experience Board meets once per month to brainstorm ideas, share connections in the community, and coordinate logistics. Each board member is empowered to reach out to the community and recruit new exhibits and experiences. Both exhibits and experiences that the board curates are carefully designed to have a true TEDxMileHigh feel, so working with our exhibitors is a hands-on approach designed to create the best experience for our exhibitors and our attendees.
At the main events, Experience Board members take a leadership role in coordinating the logistics and execution of all of our exhibits and experiences. We work hands-on with each exhibitor to ensure that their exhibit lives up to everyone’s expectations.

Our Experience Board meets as a group once each month. Additionally, each board member is working within their community and network to curate new experiences and exhibits. Average commitment is 3-6hrs each month, in addition to a long day or two helping to make each of our main events a success!

    1. Connection: We are seeking individuals who are connected to great and diverse thinkers and doers across our community.

    2. Initiative: We are seeking individuals who will take charge, move Experience and Exhibit concepts forward, and are excited to jump in and problem solve when they run into challenges.

    3. Colorado Love: Finally, we are looking for those with lots of love for our city and state.

      Have any other questions? Reach out to us directly!

      Eric Kean  —  Events Manager