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You Are Invited to Reset This December

TEDxMileHigh: Reset

Join us this December 1st at the Bellco Theatre for TEDxMileHigh: Reset.

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Are you ready to Reset?

RESET IS THE FREEDOM to try and fail – and try and discover! It is the freedom to change course as needed. It is the freedom to regroup, evolve, and renew according to the needs of the environment and the humanity around us. It is the ease of knowing that we haven’t “ruined” anything, even if things don’t go exactly as planned. It is the permission to move forward with courage and revolutionize our areas of talent and influence – whether that be in science, the arts, technology, social justice, education, medicine, or our neighborhoods.

RESET MEANS CONSIDERING THE WORLD AROUND US and collaboratively finding solutions. What are the big issues impacting humanity? What is happening in our local, regional, national, and global environments that is requiring the need for a shift? Reset asks us to take the time to converse, listen, and learn from one another. It invites us to center around our shared experience, admit when we are wrong, and implement change that includes everyone. Reset invites the type of collaboration that meets challenges at the core and breathes fresh air into the most pressing issues of our day.

RESET IS ALIGNING our values and renewing our purpose. Sometimes we open too many tabs – on our devices and in our lives – and our focus is divided. We need a Reset. Reset challenges us to step outside of what has become routine, and ask if what we are doing still carries vision or if our time is spent on misaligned expectations or a path that has long since diverged. Reset gives us the permission to re-center and build our passions and purpose from there.

RESET PROVIDES THE POWER TO CHANGE by asking us to evaluate the way things are, consider what we think we know, and bravely examine new questions. What is working well? What isn’t working well? How has the surrounding environment changed? Reset means we get to change direction when something isn’t working! It helps us transform our course as needed with renewed vision and energy for our work, our relationships, and our communities.

RESET INVITES NEW PERSPECTIVE by asking us to reevaluate and reinvent along the way. Often, when we need a reset, we have to slow down or stop completely, so we can turn an idea around or upside down and look at it from a different angle. This perspective opens doors for new ideas – a unique understanding of a challenge, a new approach to an old problem, or an innovative path to a new opportunity.

RESET PAVES THE WAY FOR BIG IDEAS by opening doors for new opportunities and discovery. It helps us look at things from a new perspective and clear away what has been holding us back. It gifts us with the fresh passion and determination to experiment, innovate, and create. It empowers us to move forward together, reframing the ways we see the entrenched challenges facing our world, reimagining new opportunities for collaboration, reaffirming our shared humanity, and reanimating our purpose.

We have all experienced a reset at some point in our lives – whether by choice or by circumstance. Sometimes resets are exciting and sometimes they are difficult, but when looking back, it is easy to see their value. Pausing to reset is never a waste of time. It empowers us to step forward more confidently, with a clear mind and a fresh purpose. It sparks our vision to impact the world in a bigger and brighter way!

Join us this December 1st at the Bellco Theatre for TEDxMileHigh: Reset.

Get $20 Off Your Ticket

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