Applications to audition to speak at TEDxMileHigh are currently closed, but you can sign up to be notified when we open them up again!

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Have you ever considered speaking on the red dot? If you’re looking for something fresh for a New Year’s resolution, imagine yourself giving a TEDx Talk! TEDxMileHigh presenters are hidden gems and they can be hard to find — so we want to call you to audition or nominate someone you think would be perfect!

You’ve heard the talks and perhaps seen them in person, too. In which case, you know that speakers can be both local and regional stars, low-profile professionals, people who disrupt the status-quo, and there’s always a musician or two. Previously, our speakers have included multiple New York Times bestselling authors, a former NPR Science reporter, a Guinness World Record holder for traveling to 196 countries, a Columbine Shooting survivor, multiple museum curators here and here, an Olympian athlete — we can go on.

Famous or not, these speakers are humans just like you — doing extraordinary things. Perhaps the biggest requirement above all in becoming a speaker is your passion to translate an innovative, imaginative idea which will inspire and impassion the audience. Don’t feel like you must polish your presentation during auditions — we provide speaking coaches to help with that when the time comes to speak on stage!

Aside from being passionate, the best speakers aren’t selling something — you know, outside of an idea. They aren’t paid to speak, either. They see the world in unique ways, bring creative approaches to challenges, and enlighten with fresh perspectives. They strengthen their presentations for several weeks, mastering the delivery of their talks. If you are reading this and can imagine yourself on the stage, and visualize the impact your idea could have – that’s how you know that what you have to say is genuine and valuable to the community at large. We want to hear from you!

We understand that auditions can be a tense and nerve-wracking experience for anyone. So whether or not you’re feeling nervous, be sure to download our Top 10 Tips to Succeed below if you’d like to crush your audition!