A weekly round-up of innovation, social impact, and design news from around the web.   1. Backpacks With Outlets GoPlug is a new Kickstarter project that is aiming to develop a new backpack with three-pronged outlets, effectively allowing you to travel and charge your devices at the same time.   2. Flooding in the Streets Ever wonder what global cities would look like if they were flooded? World Under Water is a new website created by several agencies and organizations to show the possible effects of climate change on world sea levels.   3. Recycling Circuit Boards In an effort to produce more sustainable technology, three British companies have developed 90% recyclable circuit boards. All you have to do is dunk them in hot water. 4. The Denver Foudnation’s Arts Affinity Group TEDxMileHigh’s financial sponsors at The Denver Foundation launched a new funding group called The Arts Affinity Group. AAG supports artistic and creative endeavors around Denver in meaningful ways.   5. A Preview of Denver’s Oh Heck Yeah Oh Heck Yeah is almost here, meaning downtown Denver will be transformed into an interactive video game. Here’s a preview of one of the games that participants will be playing next month.   6. Hot Dogs of the Future Dog Haus is a new endeavor started by André Vener of Freiburg, Germany. After opening a successful restaurant in 2010, Vener is now expanding his operation to diners across the country.
7. Registration for Develop Denver 2014 Registration for Develop Denver 2014 is now open. Free to attend, this two-day gathering is much like TEDxMileHigh’s events; Denver’s makers, doers, shakers, and thinkers will be there envisioning a better future for our city.   8. Community-supported Art in Denver The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art partnered with Denver Botanic Gardens last year to create CSArt Colorado, a community-based arts organization that connects local artists with collectors.   9. Understanding Urban Design Urban design has changed drastically in recent news. Are our brains catching up with it?