A weekly round-up of innovation, social impact, and design news from around the web.   1. Yelp+Groupon=Sosh San Francisco-based start up Sosh has developed a new app that delivers the best of Yelp recommendations and the best of Groupon deals in order to make a new experience for users.   2. Rethinking Alleyways Long underused, alleyways are now being redesigned throughout the country to create more pedestrian-friendly spaces.   3. Downtown Denver Development Current Projects Denver is obviously growing, but by how much? A recent study by Downtown Denver Partnership showcased almost $2 billion in project development taking place right now.   4. The Smallest 3D Printing Pen in the World Lix is a new pen in development right now that would allow users to doodle in the air to create images. This video explains it all.    
5. Rethink Your Shave
FlexBall is a new razor that uses a ball join to allow easier movement while shaving. Now, a simple chore will be even easier.
6. Tornado Imaging from Space NASA has released an animation of what a tornado looks like from space and it is both scary and beautiful.   7. Wearable Technology on Amazon Amazon is creating a new section of its online store for the growing wearable technology market. Included in it will be cameras, watches, fitness trackers, and more.   8. Using Balloons for Photography Curt Westergard has taken a new approach to urban photography. Attaching cameras to balloons, he is able to capture images of cities from high above the ground.