A weekly round-up of innovation, social impact, and design news from around the web.   1. Saving Colfax’s Signs Denver-based designer and illustrator Sean Duggan is trying to save the iconic neon signs of Colfax Avenue by leading a poster campaign where people can donate each time they buy one of his creations.   2. Indoor Google Maps Google Maps now has maps for over 75 popular indoor locations across 22 different cities in India. The maps appear as users zoom in on their screens.   3. Life on Europa NASA is exploring options to search for intelligent life on Jupiter’s moon Europa. However, don’t expect to see or hear anything from possible Europans until at least 2030.       4. Robotic Arm from China The uArm is the latest robotic arm available to consumers. Designed, manufactures, and kickstarted in Shenzen, China, it goes for $185.         5. Life Under the Sea In order to find life 1,000 feet underwater, diver Mike Lombardi will need to put on a 530-pound “Exosuit.” His mission is to find undiscovered species of bioluminescent animals who spend their lives in total darkness.   6. iOS on the Dashboard CarPlay from Google will finally bring iOS to your car dashboard. Save your pennies, though, because it will initially only be available to Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and other luxury cars.   7. Crosswalk Redesign May Save Lives Crosswalks can be dangerous, and designers and law enforcers alike are trying to think of new ways to make them safer. New York City is leading the charge by monitoring them more closely with officers.   8. Fitness Technology Advancing A new device called Moov might be the most innovative piece of fitness technology ever. Personalized and customizable, it ismore advanced than anything else like it seen before.