A weekly round-up of innovation, social impact, and design news from around the web.
1. Dinner at the Movies
Dinner and a movie is a tried and true date night, but what about having dinner at your movie? AMC is bringing fast casual dining to their theatres, and Southlands 16 in Aurora is now offering meal options.
  2. Razer’s New Laptop Gamers rejoice as Razer is about to release an updated version of its ultra fast, ultra powerful notebook. Would you purchase this extremely advanced technology?
3. Galvanize Touching Down in Denver and Boulder Tech startup and entrepreneurial hub Galvanize is coming to Denver and Boulder. They are projected to open their Pearl Street location this May and their LoHi office early next year.
4. Pebble App Store Pebble, a new smartwatch, has developed their own app store, similar to the one found on most Android devices. Partners apps include eBay, Evernote and Time Warner Cable.
5. iWatch for Epileptics Dialog is developing a medical watch for people suffering from epilepsy to help them track their seizure activity. Its greatest benefit will be notifying wearers of when to take their medications.
6. New Plant Energy Biochemist Dr. Paolo Bombelli and plant scientist Ross Dennis from the University of Cambridge are researching the potential of photo microbial fuel cells, or photo-MFCs; potted plants that act like miniature power plants and transform sunlight into electricity that can power iPads.
7. Air Conditioner Art Work Artcool Stylist Inverter V air conditioner from LG is a new home AC system that uses bright LED lights to make this often ugly appliance look like a work of art. Do you like this design?
8. Selfie Art Wired Community Director Eric Steuer is a new father and, as such, has been losing a lot of sleep. To document his transition into sleepless fatherhood, he has created a clever new project devoted to taking selfies during the night.