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When you come to TEDxMileHigh: Uncommon, you may be expecting the talks, but the experience goes way beyond just talks. Yes, it’s amazing and inspiring to hear 14 speakers present passionately about public health, technological advancements, fashion, and identity — but it’s a whole different world when you get to interact with big ideas on a smaller scale in real time.

The Exhibits & Experience Lounge is a space where you can immerse yourself with individuals and organizations that are making a positive substantial impact on the Denver community. It’s a place where you can discover the big ideas shared by the speakers on stage, and how those simple ideas transform into life-changing organizations. It’s an opportune moment to connect with brilliant, passionate people and become involved and use your passions to make a difference.

Between the Buell Lobby, the DCPA Galleria, and the Sculpture Park, the exhibits we have planned are uncommon, compelling, and uniquely beautiful. Find more in-depth information about the featured exhibits and experiences below! If you haven’t purchased your Uncommon ticket yet, what are you waiting for?!

Pre-sale Tickets for TEDxMileHigh: Reset will be available soon!

Ideas come to life directly through the people who attend our conferences. Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with a brilliant crowd at TEDxMileHigh: Reset on Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018. Tickets will be at their lowest during Pre-sale.


da Vinci Robot

HealthONE: TEDxMileHigh Uncommon Presenting Sponsor

Exhibits include: HealthONE, HealthZone, HealthONE Nursing Mothers Room

At HealthONE’s main exhibit, you will get to see an orthopedic robot doing bone saw demos! Who wouldn’t want to see that? If you need a moment of peace and quiet in the crowds, cancel out the noise, sit on a yoga map, and get your zen on in the HealthONE Health Zone. And if you are a nursing mother, take advantage of the HealthONE Nursing Mothers Room.

Charge Up with Tech Experts at Galvanize

Exhibits include: Pathos Labs, 3D Systems, High Impact, Intervoke

A long-term supporter of TEDxMileHigh, Galvanize is teaming up with us to bring you a true Galvanize experience highlighted by coding capstone projects from some of their most talented students. Galvanize will also be offering a lounge to pull out your laptop, record your notes, charge your phone, and hop on speedy wifi. Experience what it is like to work at a Galvanize campus here in Denver!

Pick a Subject, Get a Poem

Abigail Mott writes poetry on demand. You stop by her booth with an idea and a couple words and you leave with a beautifully written poem, just for you. What makes Abigail’s exhibit so special isn’t only the words that she inspires you with, but it’s the avenue with which she chooses to create her masterpieces. Abigail writes her poems in front of you using a vintage typewriter. This exhibit will transport you to a time and place filled with beauty and sophistication. 

TEDxMileHigh Bookstore

Take your experience home with you! Through our partnership with the Boulder Book Store, we will house books written by and affiliated with the Uncommon speakers, books from the TED Library, new releases, and other fantastic pieces of work that will keep you wanting more. The TEDxMileHigh experience doesn’t have to end when the talks do!

Entering Virtual Reality

Exhibits include: Pathos Labs, 3D Systems, High Impact, Intervoke

These exhibits will bring you to a place where you can see how technology is changing the way things are done. You’ll get to look around the inside of a blood vessel as it’s being repaired with High Impact and experience virtual surgical planning with 3D Systems. Intervoke will feature virtual interactive training applications for medical education, academia, e-learning, and patient education, and the d Pathos Labs VR experience will feature a school bus that has been retrofitted into a mobile studio!

Urban Agriculture with Sprout City Farms & Growhaus

Sprout City Farms and Growhaus partner with TEDxMileHigh to bring you an educational experience about urban agriculture and sustainable living in the city. You’ll also get to taste herbal sun teas and join in a seed mosaic art project at this outdoor exhibit.

Uncommon Reading Material with Denver Zine Library

The Denver Zine Library (DZL) in Curtis Park embraces the spirit of independent publishing. They will be presenting a pop-up exhibit with 20-30 zines from their permanent collection for people to browse through, as well as information for those interested in learning more!

The book exchange is another exhibit that focuses on the allure of the written word. Participating is easy — if you have any books lying around that you think would benefit some fresh eyes—or you’re in the market for a good solid read, take a moment and check the table out. It’ll be a good moment to interact with other bibliophiles! A table will be provided where books can be displayed, but the exchange will rely on you leaving and taking books. 

Experience the Center for the Study & Prevention of Violence & Safe2Tell

The Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV) and Safe2Tell are the exhibits that will push you and challenge you to take action in your educational communities. CSPV builds bridges between researchers, schools, and communities who share the goal of preventing violence and promoting positive youth development by putting the best that we know from research into practice. Safe2Tell is an organization that strives to ensure that all Colorado students, parents, teachers, and community members have access to a safe and anonymous way to report any safety concerns, with a focus on early intervention and prevention through awareness and education. This exhibit will provide information about the Safe Communities Safe Schools Project, Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development, and Communities That Care.


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