As 2013 winds down, we would like to take a moment to look back on the most popular talks (by viewcount only!) from TEDxMileHigh events. Listed below are the ten most viewed Talks from the three TEDxMileHigh events this year: [email protected], TEDxMileHigh in June, and TEDxMileHigh in November. The talks from November continue to see growth – so this list may change shortly.  Let us know which is your favorite and what you want to see at our events next year! #10. Adam Brock: The Taste of Bioregional Cuisine Event: TEDxMileHigh (June) Views: 1,456 Description: What would be for dinner if we ate bio-regional cuisine? Would you eat a cactus from Colorado? In this eye-opening talk, Adam Brock argues for a food system that works with, not against, Colorado’s high-plains climate. #9. Michael Huemer: The Progress of Liberalism Event: TEDxMileHigh  (June) Views: 1,521 Description: Is the world becoming a better or worse place to live? Philosopher Michael Heumer looks back to history to understand the trend of humanity’s values – and what he finds may surprise you. #8. Minor Disturbance: Movement Event: TEDxMileHigh  (June) Views: 1,711 Description: In this powerful performance, Denver’s young slam poetry team Minor Disturbance channels the force of this electric form of artistic expression. Touching our felt memory of the social justice movement, dignity, hope and conflict, they represent the Mile High City at the highest levels of the slam scene. #7. Shannon Galpin: Two-wheeled Revolution Event: TEDxMileHigh  (June) Views: 1,839 Description: How can the bicycle be a vehicle for social justice? Humanitarian Shannon Galpin is using the bike to help raise women and girls’ voices in conflict zones. In this inspiring talk, Shannon shares her work in Afghanistan with women through the creation of the Afghan Women’s National Cycling Team. #6. The Watergirls: Music from the Flooded Community of Lyons, Colorado Event: TEDxMileHigh  (November) Views: 1,846 Description: Lyons, Colorado is known for its community of artists and musicians. But after massive flooding in September, 2013, the entire town of a little more than 2,000 people was evacuated as homes and businesses washed away. In this powerful performance, six of the community’s talented women — KC Groves, Lauren Ling, Bonnie Payne, Enion Pelta Tiller, Cynthia Renwick, Sally Truitt, and Monica Whittington — share their songs, virtuosic playing and ringing harmony touching our sense of resilience, hope, and community. #5. DJ CaveM Moetavation: Hip-hop and Food Justice Event: [email protected] Views: 2,461 Description: DJ CaveM Moetavation is a hip-hop artist, educator, and raw-foods fanatic. In this fresh performance, DJ CaveM brings the message of being an O.G. (organic gardener) to the head-bobbing audience of [email protected] #4. Bara’h Odeh: Connecting Culture, Clothes, and Community Event: TEDxMileHigh  (November) Views: 3,053 Description: Born and raised in the Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Bara’h Odeh is working to expand the Palestinian economy through second-hand markets. In this brave talk, Bara’h explains the historic, cultural and economic drivers of her idea worth sharing. #3. Jonathon Stalls: Life at 3MPH Event: [email protected] Views: 3,487 Description: What if we all lived life at 3 mph? Wayfarer Jonathon has walked thousands of miles over the last few years in response to that question, including an across-country walk to raise support for In this riveting talk, Jonathon asks us to question the design of our cities, and implores the audience to get out of the car, off the bike, and into a slower state of mind. #2. Ryan Ford: Parkour and the Art of Play Event: [email protected] Views: 5,347 Description: Do you parkour? In this presentation — part performance, part talk — athlete and entrepreneur Ryan Ford shows that the art of movement is intrinsically human, and asks us to remember childhood, when we used our bodies to create, and enjoy, our world. #1. Easton LaChappelle: 3D Printing in Animatronics Event: TEDxMileHigh (June) Views: 65,914 Description: How is 3D printing changing the future of prosthetic and animatronic limbs? Tinkering with this new technology 17-year old inventor Easton LaChappelle is creating robotic limbs with strength and dexterity beyond human, and will create new models for custom prosthetics in the not-so-distant future.