TEDxMileHigh seeks to engage and inspire the people of Colorado with meaningful talks about important topics in our state and beyond. Naturally, certain moments are going to stand out and some quotes will be remembered long after they have been spoken. Here is a list of 15 memorable quotes from TEDxMileHigh’s three events of 2013: [email protected] in April, TEDxMileHigh in June, and TEDxMileHigh in November. Which of these is your favorite? And what quotes did we miss? Let us know in the comments. Happy New Year!   [email protected]: 1. “We’re just mirrors for miracles.” –Ballet Nouveau Colorado and Lighthouse Writer’s Group Context: What happens when history, ballet and poetry collide? Take a journey through 19th-century Colorado mining camps and tales of the landmark Gates Rubber Factory through this poignant and uplifting performance of original poems from young writers and original dance from young dancers. 2. “So, join me, young leaders, join me. Let’s enjoy what we’ve been given and let’s dare to better understand ourselves, those who are different, and our surroundings while traveling at a pace we were designed to.” –Jonathon Stalls: Life at 3MPH Context: What if we all lived life at 3 mph? Wayfarer Jonathon has walked thousands of miles over the last few years in response to that question, including an across-country walk to raise support for Kiva.org. In this riveting talk, Jonathon asks us to question the design of our cities, and implores the audience to get out of the car, off the bike, and into a slower state of mind. 3. “People really want to be a part of something successful. They want to be in a group that truly takes action and makes a difference.” –Emma Hutchinson: Combining Learning, Action, and Impact Context: How can young people combine learnings, action and impact? Follow high-school senior Emma Hutchinson on a campaign to create large-sclae, lasting environmental change in her hometown in this informative talk. 4. “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” – Ryan Ford: Parkour and the Art of Play Context: Do you parkour? In this presentation — part performance, part talk — athlete and entrepreneur Ryan Ford shows that the art of movement is intrinsically human, and asks us to remember childhood, when we used our bodies to create, and enjoy, our world. 5. “Choose your expedition partners wisely in life.” –Erik Larsen: Equipping a Generation of Explorers Context: If you were choosing teammates to explore some of the most extreme terrain on earth, how would you decide? In this informative talk, polar explorer Eric Larsen explains his method for decision-making through his incredible stories of epic adventures.   TEDxMileHigh in June: 1. “We are moving even if we choose not to.” –Minor Disturbance: Movement Context: In this powerful performance, Denver’s young slam poetry team Minor Disturbance channels the force of this electric form of artistic expression. Touching our felt memory of the social justice movement, dignity, hope and conflict, they represent the Mile High City at the highest levels of the slam scene. 2. “We need to preserve our pop culture history because we are losing so much of our cultural heritage.” –Alexandre Philippe: Why Pop Culture? Context: What is the role popular culture plays in expressing our values of community? Take a fresh look at the icons that our collective consciousness brings to the surface and the rituals that celebrate them with this entertaining documentary filmmaker. 3. “A history of moral progress is how humanity thinks about slavery, war and torture.” –Michael Huemer: The Progress of Liberalism Context: Is the world becoming a better or worse place to live? Philosopher Michael Heumer looks back to history to understand the trend of humanity’s values – and what he finds may surprise you. 4. “Access to bikes can eliminate the barrier of distance between girls and education. Bikes can change lives.” –Shannon Galpin: Two-wheeled Revolution Context: How can the bicycle be a vehicle for social justice? Humanitarian Shannon Galpin is using the bike to help raise women and girls’ voices in conflict zones. In this inspiring talk, Shannon shares her work in Afghanistan with women through the creation of the Afghan Women’s National Cycling Team. 5. “We have a responsibility to build community. If we don’t, we can’t fix healthcare.” –Jandel Allen-Davis: The River of Health Context: Why is our healthcare system broken? What would it take to improve it? In this artistic talk, Jandel Allen-Davis makes a case for creating more connected communities to better our health and lower the cost of staying well.   TEDxMileHigh in November: 1. “The thing that binds together all humanity is inquiry.” –Sara Volz:Using Science to See What No One Has Seen Before Context: Sara Volz, 18, is a freshman studying molecular biochemistry at MIT with plans to become a professor and researcher. In March, the Intel Foundation recognized Sara as the 2013 Intel Science Talent Search winner for her work developing more efficient methods to produce algae biofuels using artificial selection. In this talk, she describes her method and passion for experimenting with algae as biofuel. 2. “We can extend the life cycle of our resources.” –Bara’h Odeh: Connecting Culture, Clothes, and Community Context: Born and raised in the Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Bara’h Odeh is working to expand the Palestinian economy through second-hand markets. In this brave talk, Bara’h explains the historic, cultural and economic drivers of her idea worth sharing. 3. “How we do foster these values of collaboration and personal and community interest?” –Julia Hutchins: How Cooperative Businesses Can Answer Tough Business Challenges Context: How can cooperative ventures solve problems where competitive markets fail? In this eye-opening talk, Julia Hutchins shows how this model has been used to get electricity to rural houses in America, and how they may change entire sectors in the future. 4. “Creativity really is a kind of deviance, of delinquency.” –Katherine Giuffre: How Social Networks Drive Creativity Context: How do communities spark creativity? Social network researcher Katherine Giuffre shares what she learned studying what was, at the time, arguably the most creative culture in the world — on an island in the South Pacific.   5. “Our libraries are there, doing whatever our communities need.” –Pam Sandlian Smith: What to Expect From Libraries in the 21st Century Context: Why do we still need libraries in the age of digital, real-time information? In this emotional talk, Pam Sandlian Smith shows how she works to use the library as a hub for community-based knowledge creation and discourse. Do you remember any memorable quotes from 2013 events? What did you take away?