The following are the top 10 most viewed Talks from TEDxMileHigh events this year.  They don’t, unfortunately, include any videos from TEDxMileHighWomen—these will be up in the next couple of days! Want to know what else happened this year? Check out the full review here.  Without further ado, we present…      

#10. Libby Birky: Ripple Effect

Event: TEDxMileHighSalon Description: SAME (So All May Eat) Cafe exists so that if you’re in the neighborhood you have a pleasant place to go, to enjoy good company and get a great, healthy organic food no matter what. A lot has changed with the Cafe in the last year. Libby Birky shares a community action update and the ripple effects from her first TEDxMileHigh presentation in April 2011.

#9. Adam Lerner: The Art of Risk

Event: TEDxMileHigh: Risk and Reward Description: What do Andy Warhol and artificial lighting have in common? Nothing? Something profound? The outcome doesn’t necessarily matter—what matters is that the question is being asked. Adam Lerner doesn’t shy away from the ridiculous. At TEDxMileHigh, Adam tells his hilarious story of how he went from seeking a higher plane of thinking through more than a decade in higher education to discarding “status” and becoming one of America’s most celebrated museum directors. For Adam, the risk is not in failure or criticism, but in not taking the chance to begin with.

#8. Jeremy Bloom: Viewing Age

Event: TEDxMileHigh: Risk and Reward Description: If you had one wish, what would it be? The question may be common, but Jeremy Bloom asks it from a unique angle: he asks it to members of the “oldest generation” and actually attempts to make the wish a reality. In this touching and humorous talk, Mr. Bloom retells his personal story of learning and growing through time spent with his grandpa and how those moments have impacted his life. His call to action is to get involved, to be proactive, and to listen to a generation that has so much to offer.

#7. Lucifury: Ode to the Feminine

Event: TEDxMileHighSalon Description: Theo Wilson is among other things a slam poet known for mastering the power of the spoken word and its ability to inspire. In this delightful and passionate TEDxMileHighSalon performance, Theo Wilson (AKA Lucifury) shares a tribute to the feminine

#6. Shannon Galpin: The Power of Voice

Event: TEDxMileHighSalon Description: Shannon Galpin hails from Breckenridge, Colorado and it’s fitting she named her nonprofit, Mountain2Mountain, as she travels from the mountains of Summit County to the mountains of Afghanistan to bring the power of voice to women and children in conflict zones. In this TEDxMileHigh Talk, she shares about the risks and rewards she has faced in this journey.

#5. Allen Lim: Identity

Event: TEDxMileHighSalon Description: In April 2011, Allen Lim showed us through his first TEDxMileHigh Talk how easy it can be tolose sight of our true passions as we move forward with our careers and lives. More importantly, he inspired us to reignite these passions and showed us how he overcame obstacles in his own life to do just that. In this TEDxMileHighSalon Talk, he describes his journey since then and his explorations with identity.

#4. Evan Walden and Nathaniel Koloc: Shift Work

Event: TEDxMileHigh: Risk and Reward Description: What does it mean to have purpose in profession? For a long time, the purpose was the profession—get a job, stick with it, retire. In other words, it was okay to settle as long as there was a steady paycheck rolling in. In this eye-opening talk, friends and business partners Nathanial Koloc and Evan Walden discuss a cultural shift in thinking about jobs, in which people desire to have purpose within their profession, seeking organizations whose missions align with their own, and never settling for a paycheck alone. Using their personal backgrounds as color, they show how they align impact-driven professionals with impact-driven organizations and vice versa.

#3. Cesar Gonzalez: What Others Think Does Matter

Event: TEDxMileHighSalon Description: By age 16, Cesar Gonzalez had lived on four continents. He later found himself with a degree from Caltech and a tremendous opportunity as an Unreasonable Fellow. Today, he is a permanent member of that extraordinary team. In this TEDxMileHighSalon Talk, he illustrates the power of community and our expectations to deliver extraordinary results. He doesn’t have all the answers, but does have something unexpected to share at the end of his Talk…

#2. Woody Roseland: You are Here

Event: TEDxMileHigh: Risk and Reward Description: Woody Roseland lives to laugh, to dream, and to be HERE. From his story, it wouldn’t seem like he has anything to laugh about. As a sophomore in high school, he experienced a pain in his leg that wasn’t just a bruise, it was cancer. Since, he has overcome cancer five times, and through it all has discovered the most important aspects of life. In this engaging and moving talk, Woody tells his serious story with humor, and asks us to participate in loving life and understand the weight of ‘You Are Here’.

#1. Michael Huemer: The Irrationality of Politics

Event: TEDxMileHighSalon Description: Michael Huemer focuses on the scope and nature of what we know, morality and truth. He is an expert at structuring logical arguments the premises of which are easy to go along with, which makes it annoying if you don’t agree with his conclusions. We’ll let you decide. In this TEDxMileHigh Talk, he details the irrationality of politics.   Which was your favorite event?  Which was your favorite Talk? Why?