Recap  In January, TEDxMileHigh will be entering its third year of operation with another full slate of events planned, including an increase in community engagement pieces like ideas hours, and a continuation of the Prize. Thanks to the community’s support in the Rocky Mountain region, TEDxMileHigh has been able to make real, tangible impacts through what is a very simple concept: accelerate big ideas + inspired citizenship in Colorado.  Big ideas can take many forms, and to us, it’s one of the most beautiful aspects of the TEDx concept. This year we’ve had the opportunity to hear from wide variety of changemakers and leaders in every sector. Recently named National Geographic Humanitarian of the Year Shannon Galpin shared her story on the Power of Voice as it relates to women and girls around the globe.  Olympian+entrepreneur Jeremy Bloom taught us about taking time to reach out to the oldest generation.  Jessica Posner gave her talk on how one dedicated person can set a course for better education and healthcare in one of the largest slums in Africa. Kristen Race has dedicated her life to the brain science behind mindfulness, and gave a call to action to the audience of TEDxMileHighWomen that continues to resonate with attendees. In all, 36 speakers presented this year at our four events: TEDxMileHighSalon, [email protected], TEDxMileHigh: Risk and Reward, and TEDxMileHighWomen.  If you missed any, all of the talks are online and categorized by date.  Check them out here! We also awarded the first TEDxMileHigh Prize to ReWork of Boulder, who used it to help accelerate 15 local organizations and startups at the Rocky Mountain Scrimmage. We would like to thank the TEDxMileHigh community for a year of inspiration + action in 2012.  Without your participation, your feedback, your partnership, your friendship, your enthusiasm, and your support, TEDxMileHigh could not exist.  To continue to help us spread big ideas in Colorado, engage with us on the blog, on Facebook and Twitter, at the events, or at [email protected] With that, here’s to a wonderful 2012 and an even better 2013! 

The Numbers

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Date: January 19, 2012 Attendees: 420 What: Riding the inspiration and inspired citizenship from the inaugural TEDxMileHigh in April 2011, this was our first smaller event, held at RedLine Gallery in Denver. The experience was an intimate evening that featured a few past speakers and variety of new ones as well.  Read the write-up on the event here and see Michael Huemer’s controversial (and highly viewed) talk here. 

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[email protected]

Date: June 1, 2012 Attendees: 751 What: The first Youth event was designed to bring the TEDx experience to the youth of Metro Denver. In addition to learning about innovation, leadership, and sustainability, students were able to explore the Exhibits Lounge and experience first-hand 21st century skills like speaking, ideating, creating, and delivering.

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TEDxMileHigh: Risk + Reward

Date: June 2, 2012 Attendees: 1743 What: TEDxMileHigh 2012 was centered around the theme “Risk + Reward.”  The event was a curated look at how some of Colorado’s most brilliant and influential people have measured, battled, and endured risk to experience some sort of reward on the other end—be it financial, personal, or humanitarian in nature. Read more about the event here. [nggallery id=3]

TEDxMileHigh Prize: Rocky Mountain Scrimmage

Date: November 3, 2012 Attendees: ~100 What:  At the main event in June, TEDxMileHigh first announced the Prize, which would be given “to an individual or idea” worth spreading.  In August, we awarded the Prize to ReWork of Boulder, who used it to specifically accelerate 3 local entrepreneurs that were given training, mentorship, and a network to help build their business.  In addition, ReWork organized the Rocky Mountain Scrimmage, which brought 15 local organizations including iDE and FreshTakes Kitchen to learn, and experience, rapid-prototyping.  Read more about the Prize here.  [nggallery id=4]


Date: December 1, 2012 Attendees: 460 What: Our inaugural TEDxMileHighWomen event, held at the Denver Art Museum, was a curated look at how women and girls are shaping the future, and our very first go at a mixed livestream/live event.  Half of the event was streaming in from Washington, D.C., where TEDxWomen was taking place, and half the event was live with speakers from around the state of Colorado. [nggallery id=5]  

Which was your favorite event?  Who was your favorite speaker?  What would you like to see next year? What was one thing that profoundly influenced you?