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If you want to get somewhere, follow a woman
Tamika D. Mallory
I’ve lived as a man & a woman — here’s what I learned
Paula Stone Williams
40% of food grown in the U.S. is thrown away — here’s a solution
Patrick Bultema
Have you seen these pictures?
Jose "Jozer" Guerrero
Manufacturing in space could save life on Earth
James Orsulak
Revolution is the sound of your heart still beating
Dominique Christina
What I learned photographing the Vietnam War
Dick Durrance
Millennials were born to lead — here’s why
Danielle Shoots
My descent into America’s neo-Nazi movement & how I got out
Christian Picciolini
Surprising truths about legalizing cannabis
Ben Cort
Can technology make us more empathetic?
Romain Sepehr Vakilitabar
Fake news is about to get much worse. Here’s a solution.
Aviv Ovadya
Can we redesign healthcare to profitably serve the poor?
P.J. Parmar
In a world of instant gratification, don’t forget your legacy
Jake Weidmann
A mental health discovery that could change criminal justice forever
Kim Gorgens
You’re going to die. What will happen to your online life?
Jed R. Brubaker
Designing playgrounds for happier, healthier kids
Sarah Werner Konradi
The overdose epidemic isn’t slowing down – here’s the solution
Lisa Raville
How I recovered from PTSD through fashion
Duane Topping
School shootings can be prevented — here’s how
William Woodward
I was an MS-13 gang member. Here’s how I got out
Gerardo Lopez
“The Truth Tells” / “House of the Rising Sun”
Emelise Munoz
“Kids These Days” / “Glass”
Elise Legendre
“Can You?” / “I’m Rooting for Everybody Black”