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A TEDxMileHigh Talk for Your Fear Archetype

If you attended TEDxMileHigh Imagine in 2019, you might have left comparing your fear archetype with other attendees. If you didn’t attend, you might be wondering what I’m talking about. Enter Ruth Soukup, a New York Times Best Selling Author, entrepreneur, and depression survivor (stay tuned for her Imagine talk). Discover your fear archetype and watch a hand-picked TEDxMileHigh talk to help you understand and overcome fear.

In her TEDxMileHigh talk, Soukup explores the different kinds of fear that get in the way of our happiness. In her Do It Scared Fear Archetype Test, discover which of the seven fear archetypes are holding you back. 

Move Beyond Fear with Hand-Picked TEDxMileHigh Talks

Once you’ve discovered your fear archetype, scroll below to find a hand-picked TEDxMileHigh talk to watch for deeper understanding and motivation to move beyond fear, with a few TED recommendations mixed in:


1. Procrastinator

“Most Afraid of Making a Mistake”

As a procrastinator, I have big dreams and long lists of projects I want to complete, but rarely get anything done. 

Watch Sabine Doebel’s talk about how to finally break this cycle and get things done.

2. People Pleaser 

“Most Afraid of Being Judged by Others or Letting People Down”

As a people pleaser, I find myself spread too thin, disconnected from my needs, or prioritizing others before myself. 

Make a change by increasing self-awareness with Tasha Eurich’s talk.

3. Rule Follower 

“Has an Unhealthy Fear of Authority and an Aversion to Coloring Outside the Lines”

As a rule follower, I rarely take the path less traveled. Rules are helpful guidelines, but might not always be the solution to every problem. 

Discover moments where rules shouldn’t be followed with Laura Lane.

4. Outcast

“Tired of Rejection, Often Rejecting Others Before They Can Be Rejected in Return”

As an outcast, I have a tendency of pushing people away, especially when I need people the most. 

Learn to open up with Ash Beckham’s talk.

5. Self-Doubter

“Afraid of Not Being Capable or Worthy”

As a self-doubter, I often don’t believe I can do things I am capable of. 

Join Teju as he explores his ability to tackle the impossible.

6. Excuse Maker 

“Afraid of Being Blamed or Held Responsible”

As an excuse maker, it is difficult for me to take responsibility for my life. 

Discover how to become a leading force in your life with Tasha Eurich.

7. Pessimist 

“Most Afraid of Pain and Adversity”

As a pessimist, I may have had negative life experiences that close me off from future experiences. 

Learn how to overcome obstacles by becoming the author of your own story with Jovan Mays.

Journey Toward Courage

Now, you know your fear archetype and have some ideas to support moving beyond fear. We hope these talks help you connect with fears that might be holding you back from fulfillment and success—and initiate you on a journey toward awareness and courage. 

Join TEDxMileHigh Journey on June 27, 2020

What is a journey without moments of fear and triumph over fear? And, when fear arises, as Soukup suggests, just “do it scared.”

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