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June 27, 2020, Buell Theatre

Journey Into the Realm of Transformation.

Join Us for the Full Spectrum of the Human Experience.

TEDxMileHigh Accelerates Innovation and Social Impact Through
Big Ideas, Transformative Events, and Connected Communities.
Prepare to Think (and act) Differently.

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A World-Class Curated Experience Where BIG Ideas Come To Life.

Regarded as Colorado’s “must-experience” live event, TEDxMileHigh has been vetted by over 60 thousand in-person attendees and over 70 Million online viewers.

During this full- -day immersive experience, you’ll witness 15 of Colorado’s most brilliant thinkers (chosen from thousands of applicants) and enjoy 30 one-of-a-kind sensory experiences showcasing Denver’s best food, art, technology and talent.

Under any other circumstance, an event like this would require you to block off multiple days, travel long distances, and pay thousands of dollars for your tickets. Instead, we’ve chosen to make this world-class journey available to as many Coloradans as possible. Get ready to laugh, cry, dream and play, all in a single day.

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This is such a cool, fun, and inspirational event!

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TEDxMileHigh Exists To
Help You Get “Unstuck”

In today’s world, it’s all too easy to drift into the daily grind of work, distractions, tech, and disconnection. This can feel like the textbook definition of being stuck… and we know that place all too well.

But there is hope.

If you’re ready for the adventure, let’s journey together into new paradigms and across many new perspectives to shake yourself awake.

During this one-of-a-kind TEDx Conference, you’ll be immersed in the most thought provoking ideas that will completely challenge the status quo and likely even change your life. You’ll hear from leading thinkers and doers at the edges of different fields who weave together what we know into new visions beyond our current imagination.

Sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for one incredible journey.

The Theme: #JOURNEY

Experience Courage, Open-Mindedness, and Deep Discovery

Do you ever wonder where you’re going?
Whether it’s to new planets, new technologies, or deep into our own hearts and souls, we journey toward that which we don’t fully know yet. The human experience is an incredible journey that takes us through peak experiences and deep challenges. The epic highs remind us of what’s possible, while the deep valleys challenge and strengthen our spirit.

Life can throw us off course, leave us stuck in our heads, and focused on what’s not possible. This happens to all of us, it’s just a matter of how frequently.

At TEDxMileHigh, we’ll evaluate this journey and celebrate its complexity. We’ll examine our individual journey and what makes each of us unique. At the same time, we’ll explore how our collective path forms societies, inspires artistic movements, and drives scientific exploration.

As you travel here, consider what you previously thought to be impossible, and how that will not be a part of your future journey.

  This is literally AMAZING!!!!!!

We are so grateful!  

Brilliant Thinkers. Maverick Doers.
Why Our Speakers Matter To You.

When you join us for the JOURNEY, you’ll enter into the minds of 15 of the most captivating Idea Makers.

These speakers have been chosen from an impressive pool of tens of thousands of artists, scientists,, technologists, activists, and thinkers. We’ve done the hard work for you, pouring through every single application, to bring you the most riveting TEDxTalks from the most provocative changemakers.

During this event, it is the rule, not the exception, that you’ll experience your own breakthrough as a result of the compounded force of these potent speakers.

Past speakers include Governer Hickenlooper, former Olympian Jeremy Bloom, National Geographic Explorer Of The Year Shannon Galpin and many more.

Come hear from Colorado’s gems and get a glimpse of what’s to come for the future of humanity.

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Enjoy Interactive and
High Impact xPeriences

xPeriences provide intimate access to thought leaders, exhibits and music… and leverage the TEDxMileHigh community to help you put ideas into action.

During “JOURNEY”, you’ll get to explore innovations in design, tech, urbanism, and sustainability through 15 exciting activities shared by thousands of attendees.

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Past xPeriences Have Featured:

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Art installations

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Slam Poetry

TEDxMileHigh Disco Ball Icon

Our Silent Disco

TEDxMileHigh VR Icon

Remarkable VR

TEDxMileHigh Music Icon

Immersive listening

TEDxMileHigh Books Icon

Book Store

TEDxMileHigh Meditation Icon

The Stillness Zone

TEDxMileHigh Instrument Icon

Live Music

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And much more!

TEDxMileHigh Food
Culinary Treats Worth Devouring

With your ticket, you’ll also get to access Denver’s coolest and tastiest menus… from exotic food (insects anyone?) to creative cocktails to an impressive array of local food trucks. You’ll get to chew on plates from around the planet, including themed cuisine from Africa, Asia, South America, Mexico and even Haiti. You’ll also get to meet the farmers responsible for everything (our food is sourced locally afterall). This unique engagement is a must for your tastebuds.

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The Perks Of
The Music Park

For this summer event, we all get to play together in the sculpture park and enjoy awesome music. This chosen destination is home to the second largest performing arts center in the country, so we had to take advantage of that! Listen to the best live local music as you unwind and connect in between sessions.

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Join The Afterparty and
Reflect With Like-Minded

Join us at the official TEDxMileHigh After Party for a chance to reflect and engage with fellow thinkers and doers. Get the chance to expand the concepts of the day while talking with your favorite speakers and peers. For those interested in networking with Colorado’s coolest citizens, this may be your favorite part of the event.

   It was fantastic! I continued

to be amazed by all of the work these

brilliant people are using

their gifts and interests to do!!  

Why Join Us Live?

For those who have never attended TEDxMileHigh live… the question usually bubbles up… why join everyone live when I can just watch the recordings a month later

Aside from our one-of-a-kind xPeriences, the intoxicating tastiness of our culinary offerings, and the opportunity to meet, network and connect with many of Denver’s top movers and shakers, the best part is the immersive experience of watching mind-blowing ideas being shared for the first time to an audience of thousands.

A lot gets lost on that little screen… the analogy we like to use is, you can listen to your favorite artist on spotify all day… or you can get a front row seat at Red Rocks to live the experience, share the moment, and capture the lifelong memories. The live atmosphere is unforgettable and must be experienced live.

Convince Your Boss

Tips And Templates To Get Your Trip Approved


Has your boss been really into using live video in marketing or expanding into the enterprise space recently? Highlight to them how INBOUND will help with those goals. After all, there will be 250+ educational sessions about all the latest in marketing, sales, and customer success, so the possibilities are endless.


When you talk to your boss, come prepared with a plan for how your projects, responsibilities, or quotas will be managed for the days that you’re away at INBOUND. There’s still plenty of time to plan deadlines around the event.


Attending an event like INBOUND puts you into a different headspace and allows you to focus on different things than you normally do. Think of it like a four day-long shower (except without the pruney skin)– you’ll have some of your best ideas when you stop obsessing over the problems at hand.


Making organic connections with your industry peers at INBOUND is not only great for personal brand building, it is also a great way to forge new partnerships, recruit future employees, and elevate the presence of your company. With 26,000+ fellow attendees, so the possibilities are endless.

Buell Theatre

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General Admission

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All Access

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Access to TEDxMileHigh: Journey Talks

Immerse yourself in a full day of 15 inspiring talks and performances in downtown Denver.

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Free Gourmet Lunch

Enjoy complimentary cuisine from awesome local food trucks without having to leave the venue.

TEDxMileHigh Exhibit Icon

Access to Curated Exhibits and
Interactive Experiences

Discover new technologies, art installations, and interactive experiences.

TEDxMileHigh Party Icon

Private Invite to The TEDxMileHigh
After Party

Unwind with your fellow attendees, mingle with speakers and producers, and enjoy an evening at the Skyline Beer Garden

TEDxMileHigh VIP Icon

VIP Seating (Rows 5-25)

Get a great seat in the house and watch the talks up close!

TEDxMileHigh Seats Icon

Best Seats in the House (Rows 1-4)

Sit in the very front of the theater and feel the energy from the stage.

TEDxMileHigh Invitation Icon

Exclusive Invitation to a Curated, All-Access
Event During Conference Week

Guarantee your spot at one of our most creative offerings of the conference week.

TEDxMileHigh Tour Icon

Exclusive Invitation to Speaker Rehearsal
and a Behind-the-Scenes Venue Tour

See the venue and take a sneak peek at speakers’ talks before the big day!

TEDxMileHigh Microphone Icon

Early Access to Journey Speaker Adventures

Experience Journey speakers’ work first-hand during an Adventure following the conference.




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Feel Inspired, Energized and Alive Alongside Thousands of Coloradans

Laugh, Cry, Dream, and Play All in a Single Day.

Say Yes To The Journey.
The journey is all around us in brilliant complexity. It invites us to be fully present as it cultivates growth, extends joy, and leads us to thrilling and unexpected discoveries.

And now, you’re standing at a crossroads.

Turn left, and your future may reflect your past… you may fall prey to recycling the same ideas in your head navigating through the regular monotony, disconnection and struggle without clear solutions… and missing out on the bigger ideas and perspective that can give you an edge for your career, your relationships and even your health.

Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.. you have to elevate yourself to a higher place.

Turn right at this fork in the road… and join us on an experiential JOURNEY… join forces with Colorado’s best thinkers, doers, and problem solvers, sharing the best, boldest and most inspiring ideas… so that you can make a true shift in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Join us on June 27, 2020 as we journey together to explore
uncharted territory of the mind.

TEDxMileHigh Food
Ideas Worth Spreading

About TED/TEDx, x = independently organized event.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized. Learn more here.

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