Join us June 22nd, 2019 at the Buell Theatre for TEDxMileHigh: Humankind.

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We are all Humankind.

Let’s explore the human element behind every invention. Whether it’s science, technology, the arts, education, or business, it is the efforts of groups and the brain power of individuals that lead us forward. While we don’t always think of it that way, all invention comes from the human – the human brain, the human emotions, the human experience.

As our world changes more and more, let’s remember that it is human nature, human thinking, and collectively, humankind that moves us forward. Even with Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Driverless Cars, Virtual Reality, and the like, they are developed by our ideas of the future about ourselves and about what the future should look like.

As we approach a world in which AI could potentially control or destroy us, a world in which we may run out of resources, and a world in which class division may forever destroy our sense of community, let’s remember the role of the human in the evolution of humankind.