August 1, 2018
6:00pm – 9:00pm

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We may not like to admit it, but we all hold our own biases. Whether it’s over something as innocuous as cereal brands or as important as the location of our home, we tend to lean one way or the other based on our personal experiences. In regards to the conversation of race, how might our biases play a role into both individual and institutional racism? Join Michael Acuna: poet, educator, and facilitator of implicit bias workshops, as he seeks to demonstrate the evident truths behind this difficult discussion.




Implicit or subconscious bias continues to grow as a theory of discrimination in both disparate treatment and disparate impact cases under Title VII and state law. The terms themselves are not always well understood nor are the definitions of subconscious or implicit bias. This workshop will identify and describe implicit bias and address the impacts of implicit bias in the workplace, within school and the impact it has from police. Then, we will survey common methods employers use to address implicit bias and propose a mindfulness model which has shown promise in addressing implicit bias in a controlled study.

Crossing boundaries to promote inclusion, culturally responsive service, and equal opportunity requires not only those who are sensitive to cultural diversity to be engaged but also others who may not be SMEs, such as police officers, educators, Administrators, or other technical professionals. This workshop explains implicit bias using evidence-based theories to build out a conversation on how Implicit bias impacts our community and the best ways to educate and overcome the biases we all have.


Galvanize Platte
1644 Platte Street, Denver CO 80202

1644 Platte Street, Denver, Co 80202



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Michael Acuna, better known as ILL Se7en is the 2018 Westword mastermind recipient, a Hip Hop artist, and poet that educates through hip hop culture. Acuna is currently working with The Office of the Independent Monitor Facilitating Implicit bias workshops, Youth On Record teaching music production and Civics. He also has co founded Tribal Zyphers connecting hip hop back to its indigenous roots.