The Friday evening before TEDxMileHigh:Uncommon, you might think attendees would all be resting up for the wildly eventful day about to unfold.

Oh no, we were getting started off on the right foot at The Invisible City with a delightfully intimate performance by GroupMuse, as they came together to bring chamber music back to the living room. Doors opened, people began trickling in, and conversation began to flow over hand-crafted cocktails.

The audience enjoyed a performance by a string quartet featuring four of Denver’s finest musicians. The room was bright with light funneling in from floor-to-ceiling windows that took up most of the wall space. Chairs, sofas, pillows and vibrant plants were scattered throughout the room giving the space an elegant yet comforting energy.

The sounds of the string quartet were powerful and bright. For two 45 minute sets, the group played their strings while spectators remained hypnotized by the performance. The synchronization of the quartet was immaculate, flowing smoothly like a conversation, but with no words. The ensemble tells a beautiful story with their instruments that the audience can personalize with their own imagination.

Chamber music came about in the Middle Ages and was traditionally performed in a palace chamber for guests of a party. GroupMuse’s goal is to reinvent this practice by creating intimate and fascinating performances in living rooms all across the country.

Overall, our Adventure of bringing chamber music back into the living room was a success. Attendees gained new appreciation for the arts with GroupMuse, while taking in all the The Invisible City space has to offer.

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