“We’re creating edible food forests in Denver.” – Adam Brock “Most of the crops grown in Colorado are used for biofuels, not for food.” – Adam Brock “What would you do with infinite computing abilities?” – Dan Connors “When you’re intervening in people’s lives you carry a huge responsibility.” – Ned Breslin “If you keep data to yourself you miss the beautiful potential of data.” – Ned Breslin “What we have now is data puke. But you can actually see nothing. The point of data is to be understood.” -Ned Breslin “My goal is to help people. And curiosity has gotten me here.” – Easton LaChappelle z – Lucifury, Denver Video commissioned by TEDxMileHigh “Is it my responsibility to change or am I a victim of the system?” – Jandel Allen-Davis “I believe we are all historians and futurists.” – Molina Speaks “Never sit back and let something unfair happen. Step up and do something about it.” – Roxane White “Technology is dope, but you can’t eat Facebook, breathe Twitter, or drink YouTube.”  – Molina Speaks “Access to bikes can eliminate the barrier of distance between girls and education. Bikes can change lives.”  -Shannon Galpin “Together we can pedal a revolution that will change the world.” – Shannon Galpin “Would you hire a felon? A recovering addict? Someone who hasn’t held a job longer than a year?” -Tamra Ryan “Why must we be so serious about what divides us, and be so trivial about things that unite us?”  -Alexandre Philippe “The one thing that makes America so great is that we make fun important.” – Alexandre Philippe “Ignorance had kept me silent for far too long.” -Minor Disturbance