On June 15, 1,700+ people from more than 170 zip codes attended TEDxMileHigh: Values + Instincts at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.  Attendees heard from 15 dynamic speakers and interacted with 30+ innovative Colorado-based exhibitors.
Now, we are pleased to announce that videos from the event are live!  The following are brief descriptions of each talk, with a link. To see the full playlist, please check out our newly-designed YouTube channel.  Otherwise, click on the talk below that interests you.
In the spirit of Ideas Worth Spreading, please pass these videos on to your friends and family!
Dan Connors – Computer Vision What would you do with infinite computing power? How much computing power should an individual have? In this powerful talk, computer visionary Dan Connors presents the evolution of computer vision in our lives and what is just beyond the horizon.Ned Breslin – The Value of Impact How do non-profits monitor tangible and beneficial outcomes? When is transparency useful? Ned Breslin pauses to discuss not just transparency, but the hard questions and monitoring that ultimately lead to real, lasting impact. Easton LaChappelle – 3D Printing in Animatronics How is 3D printing changing the future of prosthetic and animatronic limbs? Tinkering with this new technology, 17-year old inventor Easton LaChappelle is creating inexpensive robotic limbs with strength and dexterity beyond human, and will create new models for custom prosthetics in the not-so-distant future. Jandel Allen Davis – The River of Health Why is our healthcare system broken? What would it take to improve it? In this artistic talk, Jandel Allen-Davis makes a case for creating more connected communities to better our health and lower the cost of staying well. Molina Speaks – Futurism and Hip-Hop What does hip-hop mean to you? In this expansive talk, Denver artist Molina Speaks walks us through the history of futurism from the early 1900s and its role in creating hip hop in the 80’s and 90s — and the grassroots resurgence of the form. Today, we see hip-hop breaking its own rules and connecting communities in new ways. Adam Brock – The Taste of Bioregional Cuisine What would be for dinner if we ate bio-regional cuisine? Would you eat a cactus from Colorado? In this eye-opening talk, Adam Brock argues for a food system that works with, not against, Colorado’s high-plains climate. Roxane White – Why Citizen Engagement How are participation and good government linked in America? What can government do to create and preserve trust? Roxane White believes citizens are taking a few ideas simple ideas and changing the future of politics in Colorado for the better. Molina Speaks – Build 2020 Building on his talk on futurism and hip-hop, Molina Speaks delivers a performance serving as a powerful demonstration of the values of the new hip-hop movement as it ties into a new vision of the future. Eythor Bender – Bionic Impact What is the future of active bionics? The technology has allowed athletes to return to sport, but at a high cost. In this talk, Eythor Bender discusses the past, present, and future of active bionics. Shannon Galpin – Two-Wheeled Revolution How can the bicycle be a vehicle for social justice? Humanitarian Shannon Galpin is using the bike to help raise women and girls’ voices in conflict zones. In this inspiring talk, Shannon shares her work in Afghanistan through the creation of the Afghan Women’s National Cycling Team. Russel Muren – Freezing Grocery Store Energy Use In the search for the solution to the world’s energy problems, are we too focused on finding a one-hit wonder? In this radical talk, thermal entrepreneur Russel Muren shows us how thinking small can create many solutions for the global energy crisis. Michael Huemer – The Progress of Liberalism Is the world becoming a better or worse place to live? Philosopher Michael Heumer looks back to history to understand the trend of humanity’s values – and what he finds may surprise you. Tamra Ryan – Redefining “Unemployable” Who is unemployable? In this thought-provoking talk, Tamra Ryan speaks to the instincts that make us hire who we hire, and how her experience working with women others might see as “unemployable” has helped change how she sees others and the values that keep them rooted in a complex world. Alexandre O. Philippe – Why Pop Culture? What is the role popular culture plays in expressing our values of community? Take a fresh look at the icons that our collective consciousness brings to the surface and the rituals that celebrate them with this entertaining documentary filmmaker. Minor Disturbance – Movement  In this powerful performance, Denver’s young slam poetry team Minor Disturbance channels the force of this electric form of artistic expression. Touching our felt memory of the social justice movement, dignity, hope and conflict, they represent the Mile High City at the highest levels of the slam scene.