At TEDxMileHigh, we’re interested in accelerating big ideas in every sector—innovation, leadership, the arts, science + technology.  During events, the ideating/accelerating happens relatively quickly–people get on stage and have no more than 18 minutes to share their big idea worth spreading. Recently, an app was released by Twitter for iOS called Vine that makes 18 minutes look like an ice age.  Sure, it may not explain a brand new way to look at data, but it’s a way to share ideas, be creative, and do it all quickly, painlessly, and simply.  In some ways, it’s similar to Instagram in that you can share your media to the world through Facebook and Twitter instantaneously.  But instead of a photo with filters, it’s in the form of 6-second videos.  I recently played around with the technology and put the following on the twitter feed. This #Vine is not particularly awesome, but it shows the POTENTIAL of what the TEDxMileHigh community might be able to do: So, with all that’s happening in the state—mountains, clean tech, energy, beer, agriculture, science, startups, social enterprise, food, hiking—why do you live here?

The game

By February 14, shoot your six-second video with Vine and tag it #WhyCO. Remember to include @TEDxMileHigh as well so we can categorize the videos. We’ll share our favorites on and on the blog as well at the end of the cycle. As you head to Art of Winter this weekend, to the mountains to ski, or downtown to a show, be sure to capture it on Vine and let us know why YOU live in CO. Be creative. Be honest. We look forward to seeing your story!