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We’ve arrived… the TEDxMileHigh blog is here!

It’s been a long time and coming… welcome to the official spot for conversation and discussion surrounding TEDxMileHigh. In talking with many of you since TEDxMileHigh 2011: Inspired Citizenship, a common theme has emerged: a need to remain connected to affect meaningful and lasting change in our community.

With this in mind, consider this blog just one way that we hope to keep you connected and informed on the topics important to you – technology, entertainment, design, science, education, socially-minded enterprise and innovation of all types and, ultimately, community.

What you will find here is a diverse group of blog contributors who will offer unique perspectives on the issues and opportunities facing our community, bring insight from the great minds and leaders in our state who are shaping the future, and shine a light on the latest happenings. You’ll also see posts from your favorite speakers of 2011 and those who make the roster for 2012. Just as we did with each speaker last year, a challenge will accompany each post, designed to spark conversation and promote inspired citizenship among us all.

Our vision for TEDxMileHigh and its impact in our community is one that will develop over a number of years. Ultimately, we hope that conversations that start here will promote inspired action and that the growing community will serve to amplify the effects. Our view is that action starts with awareness and a deep understanding of today’s opportunities and obstacles, which leads to a genuine desire and commitment to promote existing great ideas and develop new ones that powerfully address current needs. It all begins with you and your response to not only the ideas presented on stage (and captured in video), but also your conversations with other members of the TEDxMileHigh Community.

So, as we launch this effort, remember that ‘you’ are the TEDxMileHigh Community and the center of this blog. Your ideas, your insights, your contributions and your feedback will create this community – a powerful one that will shape the future of Colorado and beyond. I will personally take the time to carefully consider and respond to the comments you leave on this blog, as will others. You can also feel free to email me directly at [email protected] with your thoughts and ideas.

Hopefully you’ll feel it’s worth stopping by to check in. Who knows, maybe you’ll even subscribe. Until next time…


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