A weekly round-up of innovation, social impact, and design news from around the web. 1. The Future of Movies Thanks to the Oculus Rift, video games have become more interactive. Now,  movies may move in a similar direction as virtual reality technology becomes more accessible. 2. A Review of Mobile Technology in 2013 Mobile technology rapidly changes from year to year, and 2013 was no exception. This short, fun video explains the advancements made in the last year.
3. New Look for Google GlassIsabelle Olsson is in charge of the redesign of Google Glass. In this interview, she talks about the efforts she has made to make Google’s latest product more user-friendly by taking a classic design approach. 4. Graffiti in the CityFor a long time, graffiti has been seen as a sign of violence and economic depression. Now, though, it is a symbol of art, creativity, and economic improvement.
5. Somewhere Showing Off Skills
Berlin-based Somewhere is the latest medium for professionals to show off their work. As a visual-based website, Somewhere seeks to allow professionals to post their work for perspective employers to see.   6. The New American Space Shuttle In this amazing video, watch the development of America’s next space shuttle, the Dream Chaser, which is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

 Watch the development of America's next space shuttle7. Virtual Reality is Here

With more advancements in technology happening every day, it is no surprise that virtual reality is making a bigger mark and impact. This article explains it’s four new uses: understanding big data, making smarter robots, making smarter assistants, and understanding emotion.   8. Drug Testing with 3D Printing 3D printing continues to make an impact as some researchers are using the MakerBot Printer instead of animals to test new drugs and supplements.   9. An HIV/AIDS Vaccine is Still Possible Startup developing free HIV/AIDS vaccine accepted into Y Combinator
The Immunity Projectis a startup devoted to creating a vaccine for HIV/AIDS by using data analysis and machine learning. Thanks to the help of Y Combinator, they may be closer to their goal than expected.
10. Scenic Kansas
Business Inside Magazine’s poll revealed that Americans think Kansasis the least scenic state in the country. Photographer Stephen Locke is trying to change that by documenting Kansas at its most beautiful.