A weekly round-up of innovation, social impact, and design news from around the web.     1. Silicon Cities
Artist Alfred Twu has created these renderings of what he would imagine several of Silicon Valley’s most prominent tech companies would look like if they built entire citiesout of their current campuses. Included are Google, Facebook, Electronic Arts, and Apple.  2. Rapid Medical Diagnosis Device QuantuMDx Group has released a new device that can help doctors in diagnosing diseases and drug resistance. The Q-POC is a new tool that can diagnose ailments and allergies in as little as ten to fifteen minutes with just one single prick of blood.   3. Microsoft Going Mobile Microsoft is the latest company to dip into the smart phone market. They are aiming to have a new device ready for consumers by the end of the month.   4. Disney Startup Accelerator Disney is partnering with Techstars to launch a media entertainment startup accelerator, which will aim to award thousands of dollars to companies looking to make their mark in the entertainment industry.   5. Virgin Atlantic Using Google Glass Google Glass continues to make its impact. Some Virgin Atlantic employees  at London’s Heathrow Airport are now wearing Glass in order to promote themselves as more glamorous and personalized.    
6. Faster Internet on a Tiny Chip Google Fiber delivers fast internet, but this tiny chip will bring it to users even faster. Once installed, internet will be delivered at a rate 400 times faster than Fiber and 5,000 times faster than the average U.S. connection.   7. Lung in a Box TransMedics has developed an experimental device that will allow vital organs to continue “breathing” during transport. This will allow for better transplant results.   8. Social Networking for Readers Reading is usually considered a solitary activity, but with Goodreads, it will become a new form of social interaction. The founders believe letting users catalogue the books they have read will inspire discussion and debate.   9. Denver’s Chocolate Crisis Center Chocoholics rejoice! The Chocolate Crisis Center in Denver’s RiNo Art District is open and offering all kinds of sweets to help sooth any and all cravings.   10. Sochi at Night The Winter Olympics are well underway. See what Sochi looks like at night from space.