A weekly round-up of innovation, social impact, and design news from around the web.   1. Solar Powered Planes Solar powered planes have been an aviation idea for a long time, but hasn’t been a reality until now. The Solar Impulse 2 is covered in over 17,000 solar cells and may possibly be able to circle the entire planet.   2. The iPhone 6 What will the iPhone 6 look like? MacRumors hired a designer to release a few mockup designs.       3. Bossy the Desktop Assistant Bossy is a new device that seeks to make your life more organized and productive. Unlike most productivity technologies, though, Bossy sits on your desk with you.       4. Turning Princesses Into Engineers GoldieBlox is a new toy company that seeks to engage more girls in engineering and engineering jobs. In the last seven months, they’ve raised over $250,000. Learn more about their mission here.   5. Better Beer in a Glass Spiegelau has released a new glass for stout beers that is intended to make them more breathable and better tasting. What do you think of its design? 6. Norwegian Crosswalk Safety An artist collective called Kreativiteket has created a new sign for crosswalk safety. It is now posted in a small town in Norway. Will this encourage safer walking practices?  
        7. Nanodiamonds are Forever Microscopic diamonds could change design and manufacturing forever by taking advantage of graphene found in the jewels.       8. Tickets for TEDxMileHigh Still on Sale Early Bird ticketing for TEDxMileHigh 2014: Emergence ended last week, though there are still many available. You can purchase yours here.