Katherine M. Gehl

Political Reform Advocate  |   See Katherine Speak

Katherine M. Gehl is the founder of The Institute for Political Innovation, a nonpartisan nonprofit founded in 2020 to catalyze modern political change in America. She is the former president and CEO of Gehl Foods, a $250-million high-tech food-manufacturing company that she sold in 2015. In the public sector, Katherine served on the Board of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). In 2020, she published The Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy.

Leslie Herod

Criminal Justice Reformer  |   See Leslie Speak

Representative Leslie Herod was elected in 2016 as the first LGBTQ African American in the Colorado General Assembly. Since then, she has passed 68 bills. Her work includes ending cash bail for minor offenses, de-felonizing drug possession, and passing a comprehensive police accountability bill following the murder of George Floyd. She is the Chair of the House Finance Committee, Vice Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Chair of the Committee on Legal Services, and the Chair of the Colorado Black Democratic Legislative Caucus.

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Olfactory Artist  |   See Dawn Speak

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is a pioneer of olfactory art and the American indie perfumery movement. As a synesthete, DSH developed her talent for creating perfumes based on fine art principles. In the early nineties, she began developing innovative lines of ready-to-wear artisan perfumes under her own label, DSH Perfumes. She has worked with top designers to consult and create exclusive perfumes and frequently collaborates with art institutions including the Denver Art Museum.

Alejandro Jimenez

Poet & Writer   |   See Alejandro Speak

Alejandro Jimenez is a formerly undocumented poet & writer, educator, and avid distance runner from Colima, Mexico. He is a two-time National Poetry Slam Semi-Finalist, TEDx Speaker & Performer, and Emmy-nominated poet, whose work centers around the intersections of cultural identity, immigrant narratives, masculinity, memory. His self-published book, Moreno. Prieto. Brown., has sold over 1,500 copies and been incorporated in curriculums of various school districts. As a College and Career Coordinator, he tries to laugh with his students as much as possible.

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