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We all start somewhere as we venture into the uncharted – sometimes teeming with clarity, sometimes hesitant with uncertainty. And while we can never know what contours the journey will take, we can know it will require ingenuity, collaboration, and nerve.

We inherit maps that can inspire the way forward. Adventurers who have gone ahead of us exploring the space of inner worlds between neurons & synapses, mapping our collective motivations & movements, examining our impact on the natural world & climate, and poets who have long weaved meaning and inspiration. There is much to explore.

TEDxMileHigh Uncharted Image

On March 20 we will venture into unmapped ideas in science, art, technology, and community. Join TEDxMileHigh as we celebrate our human spark of discovery and impulse to forge ahead into the UNCHARTED.

Stay tuned for speakers to be announced in the coming weeks!

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