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Top 4 Ways to Engage at TEDxMileHighWomen

TEDxMileHighWomen is right around the corner!  We are excited to be hosting another event on December 1 and want to share some ways that you can help make the event not just a day of inspiration, but a day of action and dialogue. In the spirit of Ideas Worth Spreading, here are the Top 4 ways to Engage at TEDxMileHighWomen- before, during, and after the event.

1. Twitter. We will be using the hashtag #TEDxMHWomen before, during, and after the event.  For the larger TEDxWomen (livestreamed from Washington DC), you can use #TEDxWomen to participate in the broader conversation.  To connect with our speakers, use the following handles:

AnnJannette Alejano-Steele – @lab2cht
Kristen Race – @KristenRacePhD
Tracy Mackenzie – @reworkjobs
Lynn Gangone – @lynnmgangone

2. Instagram. Your photos will be streamed onto our website on the day of the event using the same hashtag: #TEDxMHWomen.  That page will be live starting on Saturday morning.

3. Facebook. Connect with us and find all the information you need at or We encourage you to post comments, photos, links, and other content to get the conversation rolling!

4. Your Blog. Feel free to post, share, discuss during the event!  We welcome dialogue–that’s what TEDx events are all about!

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

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