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Announcing Exhibitors for TEDxMileHigh: Humankind

We are excited to announce the line-up for our Exhibits & Experience Lounge at TEDxMileHigh: Humankind on June 22!


Our favorite occasions in life are the ones during which we feel our own humanity. These are the moments when we are present to the full potential of the human spirit. These are the occasions we feel most connected to humankind.

We invite you to join us on June 22 as we celebrate our shared experience through our Exhibits & Experiences Lounge. This will be home to many individuals and organizations that are making a positive impact on the Denver community. The Exhibits & Experiences Lounge is a place where you can interact with ideas and experience real life-change through community and collaboration. Rediscover your passions and connect with community at the Exhibits & Experiences Lounge.

Get a sneak peek at the exhibits that will be included here, and if you haven’t bought your ticket to TEDxMileHigh: Humankind, what are you waiting for?! Prices go up at midnight on 6/14, so don’t wait!


I want tickets to Humankind!


TEDxMileHigh Book Store | Powered by Boulder Book Store

The TEDxMileHigh Book Store is powered by Boulder Book Store. Inventory will include books written by and/or affiliated with the Humankind Speakers, a few hits written by previous speakers, books from the TED Library, and interesting and relevant new releases.

We will host two speaker book signings. One at 7:00pm in the Buell Lobby with Theo E.J. Wilson and Susan Devan Harness. At 12:30pm and 3:00pm, Paula Stone Williams and David Baron will be signing in the Galleria at the OUT FRONT exhibit. Get your book and head over the signings to chat with these authors!

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Bromley Local Foods Campus | Growing our edible economy

Bromley Local Foods Campus aims to grow our edible economy. Experience local food through vegetable creation, market participation and historic farm imagery.

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Center for Archaeology and Remote Sensing, Colorado State University | Earth Archive: The scientific effort to virtually record the planet before it’s too late

Dr. Chris Fisher is unraveling the complex relationship that links humans to their past and present environments in his lab at Colorado State University. See how LiDAR scanning technology and digital media is helping archaeologists create long-term conservation solutions.

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Chart Imitates Life | Denver writer Brendan Leonard’s non-scientific charts

A collection of charts and illustrations about the strange and funny things we do as humans, by Brendan Leonard. Check him out on Instagram at @Semi_Rad.

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Colorado Ski Furniture | Works of Art Handcrafted in the Rockies

Featuring works of art handcrafted in the rockies. Sit back and relax in these repurposed keepsakes built with passion and purpose and chat with the people who make them.

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Colorado Village Collaborative – Beloved Community Village | Let’s be Neighbors

Colorado Village Collaborative is leading the way for self-governed, small home communities for people exiting homelessness in Colorado. Check out a model tiny home and build conversations around homelessness and the solutions that exist.

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Denver7 | The Evolution of Television: From Moving Images to Streaming Devices

Where do you get your news? Denver7’s experience highlights the evolution of local television and the important developments that occurred along the way. Plus, you can interact with the new Denver7 streaming app!

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Full Body Sound | Feel the Music

Music has the ability to bring people together. Full Body Sound connects people through the tactile element of sound and allows people to feel both high and low audio frequencies through electrostimulation. After all, music is more than just sound, it’s a feeling.

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Galvanize | Living the Question

Inspiration is born in inquisition. Explore the questions that most inspire us in an interactive and supportive space by Galvanize. Seed your inspiration; Sit, stand, write, dialogue, ruminate, grow!

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Geospiza | Data in Disaster

Geospiza believes that all communities, regardless of size and financial resources, should have access to data-driven tools that reduce risk and enhance whole community resilience. Learn something new about disasters, emergency management and public health.


Haiku Hands | Connecting the Hearing and Deaf Worlds Through Poetry, a silent film by Brendan Young

The short film loop “Hands” by Brendan Young features individuals from the deaf community performing original poetry in sign language. Four of those participants will help co-create haikus with attendees through interpreters to further connect the hearing and deaf worlds.

HealthONE | Leading Hospitals. Trusted Care.

We are proud to have HealthONE as our presenting sponsor for Humankind! Visit HealthOne to learn about their many locations and services, and pick up a reusable water bottle to fill at water stations throughout the day.

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Humankind Wall, powered by HealthONE

Paint a face on the Humankind Wall to reflect the wonderful diversity of Humankind!

Inworks | 3D Printed Anatomy

InWorks, a new initiative of the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus, is making human anatomy more understandable to clinicians, patients, and students. Look at 3D printed models that provide insight into how diseases affect the heart, and go on a journey through the human body in virtual reality.

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KOIOS Beverage Corp | Enhancing human productivity one drink at a time

KOIOS strives to help people live healthier and more productive lives, by creating earth-grown, science-driven products that enhance human productivity. Visit the KOIOS dome for a few moments of meditation, brain scans, and drink samples!


Lucas Rizzotto | Where Thoughts Go

Discover the dreams, fears and secrets of other players – and leave your own for others to find. In this award-winning social experience, awake creatures to reveal the voice messages of others that have previously visited. To progress you must leave your own stories behind. What will you say?

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Museo de las Americas | Frida Kahlo Queen of the Selfie Station

The Queen of the Selfie came long before selfies were cool. Museo de las Americas celebrates Frida Kahlo and her fearless expression of passion, fear, pain, joy, and life through her self-portraits. Discover Frida Kahlo’s reality and then make one of your own.

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Nursing Mothers Room, powered by HealthONE

Mothers with babies are invited to visit the Nursing Mothers room, powered by HealthONE, inside the women’s restroom on the first floor of the Buell Lobby.

NSF – Ice Core Facility | Secrets in the Ice

The National Science Foundation Ice Core Facility (NSF-ICF) will showcase how they store, curate, and study meteoric ice cores recovered from the glaciated regions of the world. Plus, find out what is happneing to temperature, CO2, and methane levels in these unique areas of the world.

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On Something | Colorado Public Radio’s new podcast about life after legalization

“On Something” is a production of Colorado Public Radio and PRX. The new podcast explores how life has changed in the aftermath of marijuana legalization across the U.S. Even if you don’t use, marijuana is changing the world around you in surprising ways. Journalist Ann Marie Awad shares personal stories behind the political, legal, and cultural effects of legalization. Colorado Public Radio produces and curates in-depth and meaningful news and music. CPR and TEDxMileHigh both attract audiences who are curious about the world they live in, and both organizations inform and entertain Coloradans in thoughtful ways.

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OUT FRONT | Where YOU Belong!

Founded in 1976, OUT FRONT is the nation’s second-oldest queer media company. Learn about the impressive history behind this publication that contributes to the fabric of life by highlighting and connecting the LGCTQ community. While you’re visiting, enjoy conversation and a book signing with past TEDxMileHigh speakrs Paula Stone Williams and David Baron.

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R Bazaar | Supporting refugee and immigrant artisans, celebrating food and global spices

R Bazaar will appeal to the senses while highlighting our mission of celebrating refugee and immigrant artisans. You can “build-your-own” spice blend based on global regions, with recipes and chefs on hand to answer questions about cross-cultural cooking.

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Reality Garage | Creating virtual and alternate reality for good.

Go sky diving, embark on a helicopter ride, and see wildlife up close in a live virtual reality experience with Reality Garage!
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Zen Zone | Powered by Trek Light Gear

Need a break? Head to the Sculpture Park and hop in a hammock to put your feet up & reflect on the talks you’ve heard and conversations you’ve had. Feel Good. Do Good. Pass It On.

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RISE Colorado | Educate, Engage, Empower

RISE Colorado works to Educate, Engage, and Empower low-income families and families of color to rise as change agents for educational equity in our public school system. Look at the challenges of the opportunity gap, then examine the solutions of family-led change and the power of family engagement.
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S.I.Y.G. | Building communities, providing resources, and advocating for change!

We have more in common than we think. Second Impressions Youth Garden (SIYG) wants to show you that there is a direct reflection of your traits in others. You may find that you have walked a similar path as someone you’ve never met before through a community mapping and community engagement activity.


University of Colorado Museum of Natural History | Innovating from the Natural World

Explore how ancient and modern innovators have used materials from our natural world to solve a myriad of human challenges with the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. How does our understanding of nature inform innovation? How does one innovation open doors for others?


Brothers of Brass | Brass Band

The Brothers of Brass is rooted in southern brass-band music and brings the New Orleans street tradition to Denver. The full eight-piece brass band immaculately infuses any space with their lively, upbeat and brassy sounds. Hear them in the Galleria and Sculpture park as you’re milling about and eating lunch!



See all of these Exhibitors on June 22 at TEDxMileHigh: Humankind!

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