Speaker picks is an ongoing series where past TEDxMH speakers share what they’re up to, wax poetic, and divulge their TED Talk of choice with the community. This week: Ryan Martens

What’s a good book you’ve recently read? 

My team at Rally has made a book study out of “The Radical Leap Re-Energized” by Steven Farber—do what you love in service to the people who love what you do!  It is a great story with lots of punch and a something to be practiced with others – hence the book study.

Three words to describe Colorado.

Entrepreneurial by Nature – after a the first Denver Startup week in October 2012, I really feel like the ball is rolling here.

What’s one of your big goals in 2013?

I cannot wait to hire a Director for Rally for Impact in summer of 2013!   We have gotten that model off the ground and now we are ready to execute a year of experiments before we scale it.

What’s your favorite TED Talk?

Donna Morton: Heretics Wanted. I worked with Donna at the 2011 Uncharted (formerly Unreasonable Institute) and this is one of her great talks with some amazing stories of heretics.

From TEDxVictoria: “Donna Morton is an Ashoka, Ogunte, Unreasonable fellow, and a BC Ideas Thoughtleader. Morton began her career in Greenpeace, where she was frequently arrested in defence of our planet and future generations. She’s now the CEO of First Power, an energy company and certified B Corporation featured by Fast Company and the Guardian as a “change the world business.”

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