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Save the Date for TEDxMileHigh: Uncommon

5 Reasons to join us on June 16th for TEDxMileHigh: Uncommon

1. Shake Up the Status Quo

When is the last time you tried something a bit unusual? When did you depart from your normal habits and routines, and the rules of the day, to try something completely new and uncommon?

When we let go, we realize that our minds and hearts are full of bold, daring, and novel ideas and feelings. It is our insecurities, societal constraints, and invisible rules that lead us to the common. Common isn’t the enemy, it’s just that certain changes in our lives and in the world have to come from a shift, something new, or something creative. More of the same won’t give us a different result.

One moment of uncommon can turn an entire life of typical on its head. One spurt of innovation can shift the systems we live in. One bolt of ingenuity can replace the dull lens that we view life through. One moment sharing your full creative ideas with the world can spark profound change!

On June 16th, we will embrace the uncommon – the novel, the new, the disruptive, the experimenter, the self-hacker, and the life-hacker. We’ll explore big ideas from remarkable thinkers and doers who are leading the way on the edges of their fields and forces. We’ll spend the day out of the ordinary, breaking the mold and dreaming of creative solutions.

2. Gain a Fresh Perspective

Common isn’t bad, after all, it’s just typical – and in many cases, typical and routine is all we need. But, for our most pervasive and systemic problems, it’s clear that our existing routines and habits aren’t solving for the issue, so we must look to the unexpected, to the untested, and to the uncommon. Our most powerful ideas at first can appear strange, bizarre, and unusual. But as they take hold and change our societies for the better, we see them for what they are: radical and transformative.

Together, we’ll go to the uncommon place, where transformation is the norm and innovation drives our path. We’ll leave behind common thoughts and common caution, and in its place bring the bold, the new, and a powerful fresh perspective for the future.

3. Celebrate the Uniqueness in Each of Us

It’s human nature to strive to fit it, but it is the uniqueness in each of us that propels the world forward. The uncommon lives in that part of us that wants to explore the new and the courageous. But, we often hold it back, instructed by rules we can’t see and habits we can’t let go of. New ideas don’t come from the commonplace, the routine, and the static. They come from looking at the world in a new way. They come from taking the common and flipping it, turning it, and sometimes even completely rejecting it.

Isn’t it time to shake up the typical and make the uncommon in each of us a bit more commonplace? The good news is that all it takes is a single moment, a single experience, to call forward that which is uncommon. We are excited to celebrate the uncommon and create space to accelerate the new ideas that come from it. We’ll embrace the uncommon in each of us to develop our own ideas that may change the future. We’ll step outside of the norm to think, create, experience, and act.

4. Make Uncommon Connections in our Great City

The TEDxMileHigh community is truly one-of-a kind. It is full of maverick thinkers and doers who want to live beyond the ordinary, impact our community, and improve the world around us. From the speakers and exhibitors to your neighbor in the theatre, there are abundant opportunities to connect with new folks and spark inspiring conversation. Stories abound of connections made at TEDxMileHigh events that have launched business ventures, inspired creative collaborations, opened new volunteer opportunities, and even ignited a few love connections!

Insider Tip: There is actually an entire week of events and experiences in the works that you won’t want to miss! Mark your calendar and stay tuned for what is sure to be one of the best event weeks of the summer.

5. It’s TEDxMileHigh’s 20th Event

This will be our twentieth TEDx event in the Mile High City! Since our launch in 2010, over 200 speakers have delivered their big ideas on the TEDxMileHigh stage. Together, we’ve shared creativity, innovation, and inspired citizenship with 35,000 live audience members and over 21 million online viewers. TEDxMileHigh: Uncommon will not only be another stellar day of big ideas, it will be a celebration of YOU, the TEDxMileHigh community and all the talks, exhibits, and experiences that have moved and transformed us over the past 8 years.

Early Bird tickets will go on sale on March 27th! (Click to get notified via Facebook Messenger).

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