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TEDxMileHigh events extend beyond the stage. Our experiential exhibits lounge and conference events are an invitation to take action, connect with speakers, and dive into experiences that transform our ways of thinking and being in the world. Engage hands-on with Denver’s big ideas, emerging technologies, and inspiring artists.

Making Energy Fun!   |   openengergi

Rethink open access to technology and how to make tech-ed fun! Feel in your own body what it takes to pedal-power (yes, on bikes!) a DJ Dance Party, lightbulbs, a toaster or a bubble machine.

We Empower All Youth in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) domain in a highly interactive way through Play, Movement, Art, Creation and using energy as a playground allowing a true understanding to naturally occur. Making STEM open and available to ALL by Making energy fun!

Julia’s Journey  |   Casa de Paz

Learn about Julia’s Journey and better understand the plight of the detained immigrant. Step into the shoes of detained immigrants and read/listen/watch a story of someone currently locked in detention. After being immersed, write a message of hope which will be delivered to a detained immigrant in Colorado.

Casa de Paz reunites families separated by immigrant detention. We provide hospitality for immigrants leaving detention as they transition to reunite with their families in the USA. Our goal is to ease the isolating experience of immigrant detention, one simple act of love at a time.

Sensory Health Transforms Lives |  STAR Institute

Through illustrated character stories and interactive sensory activities, learn about the impacts sensory processing has on day-to-day function and participation along with the importance of sensory health throughout your life.

STAR Institute is the international leader for research, treatment, and education related to sensory integration and processing. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, based in Colorado, we are dedicated to improving mainstream awareness of sensory health and to providing life-changing support and resources for individuals and families across the lifespan.

Resiliency Starts With You: a VR experience  |  FEMA

Experience a flood disaster through Virtual Reality and learn how you can become more prepared and resilient.

FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. FEMA’s mission is helping people before, during and after disasters.

TEDxMileHigh Bookstore powered by Tattered Cover

The TEDxMileHigh Book Store is powered by Tattered Cover. Browse and purchase books written by and/or affiliated with the Rethink speakers, a few hits written by previous speakers, books from the TED library, and interesting and relevant new releases.

Tattered Cover is the largest independent bookstore in Colorado with five locations in and around Denver. We are a community gathering place and an experience you can’t download.

Illusions & Plasticity: How your brain (mis)perceives the worldNeuroscience Outreach Group, CU Anschutz

Learn about the fallacy of perception and glean broader life lessons. These hands-on activities, led by neuroscientists, will delight your senses and test the plasticity of your brain.

The Neuroscience Outreach Group (NOG) is a volunteer group composed of graduate students, postdocs, and faculty from the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus. We are committed to increasing equity and diversity in the sciences, especially within neuroscience. Our mission is to educate and inspire youth and adults on the Front Range by fostering connections with scientists.

Preserve Black  |   The HistoryMakers

Explore the HistoryMakers archive, learn more about the men and women interviewed in the collection, and possibly conduct an interview yourself!

The HistoryMakers has grown to become the nation’s largest African American video oral history archive. Housed permanently at the Library of Congress, it has interviewed almost 3,400 people in 413 cities and towns. With education as its mission, this one-of-a-kind collection provides an unprecedented and irreplaceable physical and online record of African American lives, accomplishments, and contributions through unique first-person testimony.

Fires in our Western ForestsForest and Rangeland Stewardship at Colorado State University & the Southern Rockies Fire Science Network

Wildfires are a natural part of our ecosystems, and we have many fire professionals who are focused on improving land management and protecting our values. See how fires are a natural process and learn about the people who are involved in this work.

This exhibit is a joint effort between Colorado State University and the Southern Rockies Fire Science Network. Our mission is to do actionable applied science that we can then translate to managers and communities.

Mobile Music Studio | Youth on Record

Participate in a mobile music production studio by sharing your voice or musical ideas in this collaborative creative platform.

“YOR’s education, music, and community programs are designed to help young people become more free, more rooted in their personal power, and better able to thrive in spite of systems and circumstances that dis-empower and marginalize them. YOR designs and implements strengths-based, music-centered programs intended to equip young people from historically under-resourced communities with the skills needed to find success in life by advancing their academic success, increasing their economic opportunities and career skills, and strengthening their community connections and networks.”

Culture and the Senses | R Bazaar

Build you own incense blend to ground yourself and rethink things in the emotional, social, or personal space. R Bazaar will guide you on the cultural meanings behind resins and scents while they answer questions about the R Bazaar/Ruby’s Market social enterprise.

R Bazaar proudly features local + global products, highlighting refugee and immigrant-made products. Our mission is to honor the journey of refugee and immigrant artisans by showcasing their food, art, and entrepreneurship.

Your Vote Counts! Dog, Cat or Both?  |  Morris Animal Foundation

Are you a cat person, a dog person, or both? Learn about the work of Morris Animal Foundation while helping us learn about the pet preferences of your fellow attendees and see which pet rules the day!

Founded in 1948 and headquartered in Denver, Morris Animal Foundation advances the health of animals by investing in science. We’ve funded nearly 2,800 critical health studies to protect and improve the health and well-being of the pets we love and wildlife species around the world.

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