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TEDxMileHigh events go beyond the stage. We invite you to take action and connect with speakers during our experiential exhibits lounges and conference events. Get hands-on with Denver’s big ideas, emerging technologies, and inspiring artists.

Podcast Showcase 

Colorado Public Radio

Colorado Public Radio delivers meaningful news, music, and cultural experiences to everyone in Colorado using the power of the human voice in all its forms! Visit CPR’s listening booth for a showcase of all of CPR’s podcasts.

The Joycycle 

Charlo G.W 

Charlo G.W is a multimedia artist and designer who strives for one thing: joy. Using symbols, letters, and lines, his monochromatic two-dimensional works are a space for exploration and discovery. View Charlo’s work and contribute to the joycycle! 

There Is Power In Traditions/Rituals

wosom-wosom Training & Consultation Services

Listen or join this drum circle to experience the art of playing a Djembe drum and the healing that traditional African drumming/rhythm can bring! 

Flash Floods: A VR/AR Experience


Experience a flash flood without getting wet at FEMA’s virtual reality and augmented reality demonstrations! Learn about emergency preparation and how FEMA helps people before, during and after disasters.

Bonus! Be sure to visit their virtual exhibit space to explore more about what we can do to better prepare for the future and how you can be ready for the next disaster.

Connecting And Healing With Cattails

The Green House Connection Center

Connect through cattails. See the impact of industry on the water, plants and animals of Platte River and the way cattails remove toxins from their surroundings. 

What Does Mess Mean To You? 

KC Davis 

Explore the intersection of mental health and care tasks by reframing messages you may tell yourself!

Who Do you Sleep With?

Morris Animal Foundation 

Pets in the bed 100% or No thanks, fur babies have their own bed! Tell us what fits your #sweetdreams! Founded in 1948 and headquartered in Denver, Morris Animal Foundation funds animal health studies around the world. Check out their map to see where! Your dollar helps make that happen. Check out the donor dollar journey to see how!

Fossil Footprints

Dinosaur Trackers Research Group

Explore dinosaur tracks and track-site photos from Colorado and the surrounding region! 

Everything Is Gnocchi!

Zach Martinucci

“Everything Is Gnocchi” breaks down the theory behind a favorite dumpling to see how culinary traditions are created and remixed over time. Shape and eat Oreo gnocchi in this hands-on cooking exhibit. 

Invitation To Connect


Explore how we connect and reconnect with each other and with our world! Contribute to a community canvas and create your own reconnect badge that will spark conversation throughout the day! 

Vio the Violinist

Ivory Sykes

Vio is an electric violinist and creative based in Denver, Colorado. Enjoy his music throughout the exhibits lounge.

Speaker + Performer Book Signing & Merchandise 

Powered by the TEDxMileHigh Community

Meet and mingle with RECONNECT speakers and performers: Paula Stone Smith (emcee), Meca’Ayo Cole (writer & artist), KC Davis (home & self care expert), Martin Lockley (paleontologist), and Desert Atlas (singer-songwriter).

Connection Hub 

Powered by the TEDxMileHigh Community

What challenge would you like to help solve? What do you aim to contribute to the world? Come and share your Big Ideas!

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