Fact or fiction: Does a work-life balance truly exist? According to Teresa Taylor that’s a myth, but she offers a new approach for women who strive to climb the career ladder and be an attentive mom. She’s a living example that women CAN have it all—Teresa rose through the ranks to become COO of a Fortune 200 company while raising two sons. We wanted to know more about the key to juggling it all and how the business world is evolving, so we sat down with Teresa to ask those tough questions. You’ll see her answers here, plus you’ll hear much more from Teresa when she takes the stage on November 16th at TEDxMileHigh. In your opinion, what makes a person successful in their professional and personal endeavors? I believe that a person is successful when they are true to themselves. Sometimes a leader has to make decisions that are not popular but you have to be true to your ethics and values. It is this belief, coupled with good self-governance, that is the key to an individual being successful in both their professional and personal lives. What style of leadership is currently abundant in the business world? What style is lacking? I believe that many leaders are well educated, competent, and creative. What is missing are the intangibles of leadership. The intangibles are the traits that are hard to describe but you know it when you interact with a leader that has them. These intangibles include: social judgement, self-insight, fortitude, and presence. These traits separate the good leaders from the truly great leaders! What role will new media and technological advancements play in business in the coming years? New media and technological advancements are what allow information to flow instantly. Therefore, businesses need to be prepared to create information that their customers demand, and respond to the competition very quickly. Look at how we have changed our purchasing behavior. If we want to buy something, we search the web, follow the blogs, check out the reviews, and then go to a store to touch the item. Then we go back home to make the purchase online! Which companies and business leaders do you personally admire? The ones that are in touch with their customers. They take the time to study, listen, and respond to their market. These companies also take social responsibility and sustainability really seriously! What, if anything, would you go back and change about your career? I wouldn’t worry so much. I also wish I would have traveled internationally more when I had the opportunities. I was always in a hurry to get back to the office. How can Denver become a center for strong business development and engagement in the future? Denver is very diverse in the size of companies and type of industries. Therefore, the large and small businesses need to work together more. This would also allow natural value chain networks to be created. If the businesses in Denver did business with each other – value would be created. Tell us a little more about “the balance myth.” I believe that there is no such thing as “balance.” Searching for it only leads to frustration, disappointment, and anger. Working women who search for “balance” and can’t find it typically leave the workforce or pull back on their career. My wish is that working women will stop striving for the mythical balance and live! You can have a successful career and home life; you can have it all. What advice do you have for recent college graduates? Take chances; take that first job and next promotion. Try something new and have the confidence to believe you can do whatever you want. If you were in another field of work, what would it be? I love what I do, so hard question. I thought about owning a spa – a really unique one like no other in the world. People would come and have the most relaxing, fantastic experience and never want to leave!