What do you do when you’re not being ‘the Dean?’ I don’t know if I’m ever not “the Dean.”  I was riding my pink Vespa through Stapleton the other day and I ran into someone I knew from the Women’s College.  I saw a student a couple nights ago shopping.  I can’t escape it, but I love it.  It one of the reasons I love Denver and my job—the community and the connectedness. Who is your hero? I have many heroes—Hillary Clinton certainly comes to mind and has been a longtime hero. Currently, I’m reading this book called “Victory” about the LGBT movement and there’s a lot of Colorado folks represented.  Many of whom I know on a personal level.  I think the people in the book who have stood up for what they believed in, at a huge risk and cost, have definitely become my current heroes. What makes you laugh? A lot of things make me laugh.  Let’s see…my new puppy makes me laugh. Puppies are good for that.  I also like to laugh at myself—I have a loud laugh so when I do laugh, I laugh also at my loud laugh—I think that’s pretty funny.  I think life’s too short not to laugh loud. Describe Colorado in 7 words.  Open. Welcoming. Innovative. Inclusive. Progressive. Unique. Mountains. What was your career aspiration as a 20 year-old? I wanted to be the head of a women’s college. It’s a little scary, huh? But I think it shows that when you really have a clear, defined vision and set your mind on it, you can achieve so much. Why are you involved with TEDxMileHighWomen? I believe in elevating women’s thought leadership.  I was looking at a stat recently that stated that men are seven times more likely to be quoted in the news/media about women’s reproductive health. I mean, there’s a number of reasons, but I know that there’s still a gap in women speaking to the real issues all around us.  This event, this program, does what I’m after as dean of the Women’s College—creating voices, elevating women’s thought leaders.