The one thing most professionals fear more than death? Public speaking.

Recently, TEDxMileHigh Adventurers faced their fears to learn how to better communicate using strategies from the comedy world, led by Jay Mays, Co-founder of Pitch Lab, and stand-up comedian Daniel Reskin.

Denver-based Pitch Lab is a cohort of comedians and storytellers that help people adopt techniques from successful stand-up comedians to become better presenters – be that a big idea or a sales pitch.

Mays and Reskin led an Adventure that was part stand up comedy routine and part workshop of tactical strategies for being more confident and engaging during your next presentation.

So what does Pitch Lab recommend when facing the great fear of public speaking?

“It’s not about killing the butterflies – it’s about getting them to fly in formation. Before you go on stage tell yourself “I am excited!” Studies show that reframing public speaking anxiety as excitement leads to feeling more in control, and ultimately a better performance.

Pitch Lab’s 5 Tips to Be a Better Public Speaker!

#1 Be a Presence On Stage

Be fully visible. Never stand behind a podium – your audience needs to see you to fully trust you. Don’t break the connection by turning around to look at the screen behind you – remain connected to the audience.

#2 Use Your Voice

Don’t underestimate the power of the dramatic pause – it can build tension and allow you to be heard, Mays explains, “Embrace moments of silence like a designer uses white space.”

#3 Command the Room

Break the “fourth wall” between you and the audience by acknowledging what is happening in the room and never ignore interruptions.

#4 Be Vulnerable in Your Storytelling

Stories are memorable, emotional and engaging. Keep the setup brief and feel free to segue your story if the topic doesn’t tie directly to your product or service.

#5 Move with Purpose

Your movements should support your words. Divide the stage into different sections to make each point. As you make critical points, coordinate your movement on the stage accordingly.

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