Each of us is going through multiple series of meal experiments to find food that will truly suit each of our lifestyles. One of the most important criteria is to combine deliciousness and healthiness of the product – which is actually an excellent example of fermented foods.

I was introduced to fermented foods at a very early age and I couldn’t be more grateful for accepting them as a part of my diet. During harvest months August and September, when most fruits and vegetables are in abundance, Russian women get into the process of pickling and fermentation. Our table always welcomes pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic and fermented purple cabbage. Their amazing sour and sweet taste makes anyone crave more. Needless to say, my love for fermented foods has been growing ever since Hannah, our Adventures host, reminded me of the important health benefits of fermented foods.

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How Hannah created Haiku Foods 

Hannah’s personal story about finding her way to fermentation could not be more inspiring. As somebody who struggled with eczema, asthma, and allergies, she stumbled upon the book Nourishing Traditions that transformed her regular diet and introduced her to organic eating. While living on a farm in New York, Hannah had open access to vegetables that prompted her to explore the origins of food-making and Paleo diet. She discovered fermentation, which eventually led her to gut and mind healing and the establishment of a new diet. Seeing a huge difference in her health and appearance inspired her to create Haiku Foods to bring real health food to the market and to change the way people consume food. 

Approach to Fermentation

Hannah started her class with saying ” Don’t be afraid of fermentation! It is one of the safest foods you can make! Fermented foods go through a process of lacto-fermentation in which natural bacteria create beneficial enzymes and various strains of probiotics. They can regulate the immune system, metabolism and sustain the gastrointestinal tract.

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“Eating doesn’t need to be a complicated process, just pick simple whole foods as ingredients and your body will thrive”

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 At her workshop, Hannah shared an amazing thing: eating fermented foods can support mood and brain function. If your gut is not healthy your brain function won’t be either. Therefore, as long as you incorporate fermented foods into your diet, your gut gets along with your mind.

During her Adventures, Hannah shared the basic process of fermentation. She explained how just using the cabbage, it’s pressed juice and various spices people could make their own ferment and conserve the jars. “Eating doesn’t need to be a complicated process, just pick simple whole foods as ingredients and your body will thrive”- reminded Hannah. I really liked how such a straightforward, yet effective way of fermentation can bring so much goodness into the lives of people.

“Take care of your gut and your gut will take care of the rest of you”

Hannah’s mission of reminding people of healthy eating is beautiful. She wants us not only to reconnect with the simple food but also to build stronger relationships with selves. Take care of your gut and your gut will take care of the rest of you! haiku (45 of 46) Special thanks to our photographer Kate Salley for taking such beautiful pictures!