On Friday June 1st, students from across the Front Range will have an opportunity to participate in the inaugural [email protected] event at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in downtown Denver. In concert with this year’s theme of Risk & Reward, the event will showcase some of Colorado’s most brilliant thinkers and accomplished doers who will share their big ideas on topics such as education, science, technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. The event is offered at no cost, and presentations will encourage the audience of students aged 12 to 22 to connect with the power of great ideas and inspired action. [email protected] is made possible through support from the University of Colorado Denver| Anschutz Medical Campus. When asked what inspired the University to connect with TEDxMileHigh, Chancellor Don Elliman shared, “This event showcases a core value at the University which is innovation. Without the risk takers we have among our faculty and researchers, we would not see the breakthrough medical treatments, new technologies and community and academic programs that are helping so many throughout our community, the nation and world.” Students will hear from inspiring risk takers who share stories of their accomplishments seeded in their own youth. They include Samantha Lobato, whose story of triumph, perseverance, and commitment encourages students to consider how they can overcome obstacles in their own lives. Kimbal Musk will describe how he achieved his vision of creating a new kind of school garden which offers an experiential learning environment as an extension of the playground. Attendees will also be treated to the tremendous perspective and inspiration of five-time cancer survivor Woody Roseland, who shares his message of hope, perseverance, and positivity through humor. The entrepreneurial spirit that fuels innovation demands a high risk and failure tolerance. In order to prepare students with the tools to be persistent and driven in creating the ventures that will shape our city, presenters will share their experiences and encourage students to take action on the issues important to them. In addition to hearing live speakers, attendees will be able to visit the TEDxMileHigh Exhibits Lounge before and after the Youth Event which showcases innovation in sports, technology, and design as well as engagement in projects that encourage students to consider their own vision for their communities. “The future depends on asking questions, challenging status quo and pushing boundaries that lead to improvements and breakthroughs,” explained Chancellor Elliman, “Risk taking is at the heart of innovation.  It’s being willing to step into the unknown with the confidence that your effort will indeed make a difference.” If you or your school is interested in joining [email protected]  on June 1stclick here to reserve your free tickets.