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TEDxMileHigh events go beyond the stage. We invite you to take action and connect with speakers during our experiential exhibits lounges and conference events. Get hands-on with Denver’s big ideas, emerging technologies, and inspiring artists.

Happy Smiles, Happy Pets

Morris Animal Foundation

Despite big strides made in oral health awareness among people, there remain some misconceptions about dental care for pets. Add to this the flood of information available online and it can be tough for pet owners to know what’s best for their cat or dog when it comes to maintaining good oral health. Visit Morris Animal Foundation’s booth to learn more about this issue affecting all pets. They’ll cover a few facts about our pets’ teeth and how they differ from human teeth, potential dental health problems and impact, preventives that work, when to start and how to keep your pet’s mouth healthy. You’ll also learn how we treat dental health problems today and about research at Morris Animal Foundation to advance prevention and treatment. Finally, snap some photos in our Healthy Smiles, Happy Pets photo booth and grab a pet dental care kit – you’ll be well on your way to keeping your pets smiling for years to come!

Experience a Flood Without Getting Wet


Experience a Flood Without Getting Wet at FEMA’s virtual reality and augmented reality demonstrations! Learn about emergency preparation and how FEMA helps people before, during and after disasters.

Driving Towards a Carbon-Free Future

Powering the Future with Xcel Energy

An audio and visual delight, Xcel Energy will highlight the benefits of driving an electric vehicle with a fully charged EV powering the sounds that fill the Galleria with Vio the Violinist. Xcel Energy is an industry leader in responsibly reducing carbon emissions and producing and delivering clean energy solutions from a variety of renewable sources.

Explore Podcasts with Colorado Public Radio

Colorado Public Radio

Colorado Public Radio delivers meaningful news, music, and cultural experiences to everyone in Colorado using the power of the human voice in all its forms! Visit CPR’s listening booth for a showcase of all of CPR’s podcasts. Learn about all of the wonderful podcasts they produce, including Music Blocks: a music appreciation podcast about the building blocks that make up your favorite sounds.

Is Your Clothing Made of Plastic?

Monika Bleszynski, Speaker

Did you know that plastic is in many of the textiles we wear? Peruse clothing racks to see the sustainability scores of the clothing in your closet! See the impact that common textiles like spandex, nylon, and polyester have on the earth. Learn which material is made out of plastic water bottles, which materials release microplastics when washed, and which materials will never biodegrade.

No Great Options: A Day in the Life of a Woman

Virginia Santy, Speaker

Virginia designs innovative data approaches and creates workplaces, cities, systems, policies, and economies to facilitate the success of all women and non-binary individuals. Choose your path forward in a series of real life scenarios!

Uncomplicate Data Storage, Forever

Pure Storage

Open a compartment to see what lies inside! Discover how to uncomplicate data storage with the added benefits of power, cost, and energy savings – and you may even win a sustainable prize!

Honoring Your Loved Ones

Deathwives, Doulas and the Green Funeral Movement

Speaker Erin Merelli and business partner Lauren Carroll’s organization, Deathwives, upholds and shares sacred death and dying practices by empowering individuals and their loved ones to navigate end-of-life transitions with reverence, peace, and compassion. Honor your loved ones at their Memorial Tree and learn how to integrate Mother Nature back into funeral traditions.

The Scent of Your Life

The Essense Studio + Past TEDxMileHigh speaker Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Create a “story fan” that tells your story at this interactive fragrance exploration exhibit! Find the aromas that fit memories and important moments in your life, and put them together to smell the many facets of your unique journey. The Essense Studio is an olfactory art studio dedicated to fragrant story-telling and helping people discover the aromas that help them connect with their inner and outer worlds.

Denver Needs Heroes!

Mobius Worlds Publishing

Are you ready to play?! Mobius Worlds Publishing is a tabletop roleplaying game design and publishing house focusing on superhero and action/adventure roleplaying games, third-party game supplements, education games, and organizational/corporate scenarios. Join their experiential simulation to bring Denver’s infrastructure back online following a winter storm cyber attack!

What Makes You Feel Most Creative?

Bigfoot Web

Participate in conversation with other attendees and share the things that have recently inspired, stimulated your mind, promoted a new perspective, or even taught you something new. Leave your mark at this interactive exhibit.

Evolution of Music

Vio The Violinist

Music is constantly evolving, and it seems like it will not stop even in the future. Armed with ambition and natural talent, Vio is self taught fusing genres with violin. He pushes through the boundary of violin, “just being a classical instrument.” Listen to his dynamic music and see the innovative way his sound is powered!

Speaker Booksigning & Merch

Meet and mingle with FUTURESCAPE speakers and performers: Maytham Alshadood (Emcee), Linda Kay Klein (Purity Culture Expert), Gregg Deal (Artist & Activist), Erin Merelli (Death Doula), and Jovan Mays (Poet)

Action Hub

What challenge would you like to help solve? What do you aim to contribute to the world? Come and share your Big Ideas!

What’s on Your Bucketlist?

What are your ideas and dreams for the future? Make your mark on our bucket list wall!

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