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Convince Your Boss to Send You to TEDxMileHigh Imagine

TED provides a stage for global thought leaders to share their ideas and theories on everything cutting edge, from technological advancements to the importance of mental health. TEDxMileHigh, the Denver chapter of TED, connects local audiences and accelerates big ideas in Denver with transformative live events. On Saturday, November 16, 2019, TEDxMileHigh is discussing the invigorating and complex topic of imagination. If you want your place of work to sponsor your attendance, here’s how to get your boss on board.

Why Attend In-Person: The Magic of the Event

With an impressive 60 million online views of talks from speakers at past TEDxMileHigh events, your boss may make the argument to just watch the videos after the event. However, the magic is truly in the event itself.

From in-person connections with outstanding minds to thought-provoking exhibits and experiences, you will have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally—as well as to expand your network during the day and mingle with the speakers at the after-party.

Past Attendees Recommend TEDxMileHigh Events

With cutting edge topics, immersive exhibits, and thousands of attendees, TEDxMileHigh creates social impact and empowers communities with knowledge. TEDxMileHigh’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), an index score measuring attendee loyalty and their willingness to recommend the event, for the Humankind event was an 80. (For context, Starbucks has an NPS score of 77.) 

85 to 87% of attendees gave the previous TEDxMileHigh event a 9 or 10 out of 10.

We know this is enough to get you hooked, but what about your boss? We have you covered. Check your company’s policy and requirements for sponsored attendance at events. If needed, we’ve created a letter, a conversation starter, for you to present to your boss to make your case for company-sponsored attendance to the next TEDxMileHigh event.

What You’ll Get at TEDxMileHigh Imagine

With in-person attendance at TEDxMileHigh, you will have the chance to:

  • Learn from and interact with local thought leaders about all things imagination
  • Explore unique, curated exhibitions to manifest ideas with interactive, immersive experiences
  • Opportunity to grow personal and business connections
  • Network with professionals outside of your own business
  • Deepen your conversations and mingle with speakers at the after party

Letter to Your Boss: Make Your Case for TEDxMileHigh Imagine Attendance

Hi (enter your boss’s name),

On Saturday, November 16, 2019, TEDxMileHigh is hosting the second of two annual live events at the Bellco Theater in Denver and I am very interested in attending.

With cutting edge topics, immersive exhibits, and thousands of attendees, TEDxMileHigh creates social impact and empowers communities with knowledge. This fall, their speakers are discussing the topic of imagination. In particular, I am interested in seeing (insert names of speakers, selected from the speaker page, relevant to your business and professional growth). Attending this event will help me grow my professional network and represent our company meaningfully in the local community. 

An (All-Access, VIP, or General Admission) ticket will give me the opportunity to (delete those that do not apply to your desired ticket):

  1. Access to the live TEDxMileHigh Imagine Talks
  2. Access to curated exhibits and interactive experiences
  3. Invitation to TEDxMileHigh After Party
  4. VIP seating (rows 5-25) or the best seats in the house (rows 1-4)
  5. Exclusive invitation to the all-access VIP event the week before 
  6. Exclusive invitation to speaker rehearsals and a behind-the-scenes venue tour
  7. Early access to TEDxMileHigh Imagine Speaker Adventures

Here are my expected expenses for the one-day event (delete anything that does not apply):




Ticket Price: 


I plan to bring what I learn back to the office to share with the team and make this a learning experience for everyone.  I look forward to speaking further with you about this request, and I greatly appreciate your consideration. 


(Insert Your Name)

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