Meet the Wonder Women of TEDxMileHigh: Wonder.

From history’s most famous women like Harriet Tubman, Marie Curie, and Rachel Carson to women of the twenty-first century who run households, lead companies, and fight injustice, it is hard to go anywhere without encountering a Wonder Woman.

That’s why TEDxMileHigh is celebrating a few of the incredible female speakers at November’s event — TEDxMileHigh: Wonder.

On November 11th, 5,000 engaged attendees will gather at the Colorado Convention Center to listen to a group of inspirational speakers and performers. This group of extraordinary men and women will share the stage, giving the “talk of their lives,” about topics ranging from science and social movements to technology and design.

The day will consist of three speaker sessions, one of which will be fully dedicated to our Wonder Women! There is certain to be no shortage of inspiration as we hear the powerful voices of these women who continue to innovate, inspire, and improve our world!

Mara Mintzer is the founder and the director of Growing Up Boulder, a child and youth-friendly city initiative.  She is another voice in the Colorado community striving to build smarter cities with the help of children.

“I’m as interested in inspecting the tiny buds on a flower as I am in understanding how an airplane can transport me across the world in a day.” – Mara Mintzer

Beth Mosenthal is a Denver architect working with corporate, public, and nonprofit clients to create designs that bridge art, urbanism, storytelling, and sustainability.

“There is so much inspiration, perspective, and beauty to be found in recognizing the sublime scale of nature.” – Beth Mosenthal

As an organizational psychologist, Tasha Eurich has helped thousands of leaders improve their effectiveness, from Fortune 500 executives to early-stage entrepreneurs.  She’s a strong voice for business and without a doubt – a Wonder Woman.

“People spark my curiosity – everything about them but especially how they can improve their career and lives.” – Tasha Eurich

Joan C. Williams is a Distinguished Law Professor and Founding Director of the Center for WorkLife Law at UC Hasting. Her groundbreaking work has helped create modern workplace flexibility policies and the field of work-family studies.

“I’m inspired by someone who can look beyond their own truths to understand and respect other people’s truths.” – Joan C. Williams

Reverend Dr. Paula Stone Williams is the president of RLT Pathways, Inc., a nonprofit providing counseling and coaching services.  She’s a true catalyst of change, working passionately to improve people’s lives in Colorado.

“I am most curious about people who choose to take the road less traveled.” – Dr. Paula Stone Williams

Be sure to grab a ticket to see these brilliant Wonder Women in action on November 11th!

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Save the Date: November 11, 2017

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